sales lead management

3 Essential Steps to Improving Sales Lead Management

If you and/or your sales team are looking for a way to improve your business’ sales lead management, there are some simple steps you can follow in order to achieve this. After these three simple steps, you will reach the conclusion you need in order to improve your current method of sales lead management, and find the solution you need to promote the effective organisation of all sales opportunities.

Step 1: Investigate

Your first step in improving sales lead management is investigating and analysing your current methods. You need to identify where the problems lie before you are able to improve them. Some examples of ineffective sales lead management include:

  • Not having all leads available in a centralised location – this causes lead leakage and does not empower salespeople to easily access their leads.
  • Not having an organised and efficient method of capturing leads – this causes leads to go missing as their details are not always correctly stored and distributed.
  • Not automating any processes to save time – this wastes too much time spent on things such as lead distribution when you could be focussing on something more important.

Once you have identified the weaknesses of your sales lead management, you can move on to finding a solution for your business to solve these issues.

Step 2: Research

Your next step is to conduct in-depth research into how you can solve the problems that you have experienced from your lead management process. The most simple and risk-free solution is to start a free trial of a lead management system like Leadtrekker. With Leadtrekker, you can solve any and all of the problems that you have experienced in managing leads. Your research can include trying out the system for a certain period of time and comparing it to your current sales lead management method; you will then be empowered to make an informed business decision.

Step 3: Implement

Once you have chosen a new sales lead management system, you will need to ensure that it is implemented correctly and that all users are properly trained on how to use it. A lead management system only works if all participants use and manage the system correctly. With Leadtrekker, not only will we integrate the system onto your website, we will also provide you with free training*, this ensures that you are fully equipped to conquer your sales lead management goals from day one of using Leadtrekker.

* A 1 hour system training which will be done remotely via Skype or Google Hangouts.