5 Reasons to Consider Leadtrekker

1) Leadtrekker vs. CRM

Most businesses get to a point where they look at a Customer relationship management (CRM) to manage and track the interactions between them and their customers. Leadtrekker is not a CRM and will never be one.

Leadtrekker is intended for lead management purposes only and not for client management. Thus, only once a lead is converted into a client will you move them over to a CRM for further client nurturing and management.

Leadtrekker follows a strict keep it simple stupid (KISS) approach by making it very simple to use the system, unlike CRMs which are bloated, over the top and do not provide a pleasant user experience.

2) Improve the efficiency of your sales team

Leadtrekker is positioned to fulfill the following needs before the lead is converted into a client:

  • Create accountability within your sales team
  • Improve your leads response time

Leadtrekker sends regular notifications to its users via SMS & Email, which is part of nurturing the lead and improves the time that it takes to convert the lead into a client. By measuring and reporting on the time it takes for your sales agents to contact the lead, your service levels will immediately increase substantially which, in turn, will improve your lead conversion rate.

3) Capture websites’ leads

Leadtrekker is ideal for businesses that use their websites to capture leads and can easily integrate with multiple websites to capture the leads automatically on the system. You can also create leads manually on the system when you receive phone calls or walk-in customers.

4) Highly customisable

You’ll be able to customise Leadtrekker to suit your exact needs. The following are just some of the system features that can be customised:

  • Dashboard
  • Enable / disable SMS notifications
  • User levels & permissions
  • Lead notifications
  • Lead escalations
  • Lead statuses
  • Lead sources

5) Manage and nurture leads

Lastly, the ultimate goal is to convert your leads into clients and with Leadtrekker, you will have all the tools at your disposal to efficiently communicate with the lead and improve your lead conversion rate. Every single lead tells a story of how a customer discovered your product or service. You can refer to the detailed audit trail which will provide you with valuable insights into the lead’s full lifecycle.

Try Leadtrekker out for FREE, and see for yourself!

August 17, 2016

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