Arnold Sibanda

Arnold Sibanda

How to Evaluate if Your Website is Generating ROI

When last did you re-evaluate your business website, or any of your other business strategies? Usually, businesses only take a look at their strategies when they see their competitors are doing better than they are.

More and more, the business world is becoming extremely competitive, making it crucial to have qualified staff and applications to improve your digital marketing and your online presence/personality.

As one of your most convenient sales tools, just how effective is your website?

Use These 5 Email Subject Line Tips to Improve Your Open-Rate

Your subject line is the very first thing that determines your email open-rate. So, if your subject line is not on point, your email marketing campaign will suffer.

What Do All of These Digital Marketing Words Mean?

As a client, it is important to understand the basic jargon of the service you are seeking. Understanding the basic jargon will help you:

What are Pointless Leads & How can you Improve Lead Quality

Finally, your phone is ringing and your mail box is filling up with hopeful business! Your marketing strategy is showing positive results. However, take a closer look at the leads flooding in. Are they going to convert into actual sales, or are they pointless?

How A/B split testing saved my email campaigns

For four months, I couldn’t understand why my email campaign showed no consistency in statistics. Time after time I tried new tips and tricks, new styles and followed expert advice, but none of my emails returned with the outcome I was expecting.

This was about the time that I was reminded of the power of comparison. Think of how easy it is to convince someone of your opinion, if your facts properly display how pro’s and con’s outweigh one another.

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