Emma Turkstra

Emma Turkstra

Best Practice For Lead Management

Receiving hundreds of leads without some sort of structure won’t mean much as many of these prospective clients can fall through the cracks. A quality lead management system is revolutionary for lead conversion as it tells you exactly how people came across your business, what their needs are and how you can secure their business. All you need to do is follow up before your competitors do and offer an accurate solution and exceptional customer service. Leadtrekker does most of the organising; all you need to do is apply best practice to secure your leads:

Leadtrekker Welcomes A Fresh Face

We are excited to introduce a spirited and charismatic new Leadtrekker team-member.

Chanel de Beer joined us early in July and quickly learnt the ropes. With her go-getter attitude and outgoing personality, we’re sure she’ll more than fit the bill. Chanel shared some valuable personal insights so that our clients might get better acquainted with her:

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Pretoria North and I grew up in Montana Park. I went to Laerskool Stephanus Roos and Hoërskool Montana.

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