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How to Keep Sales & Marketing Aligned

Are you familiar with Pareto’s 80/20 principle? Well, this principle applies to many different situations. In sales and marketing, we can typically state that 80% of sales is as a result of 20% of advertising and 80% of profits come from 20% of customers.

This begs the question: If sales and advertising clearly rely on one another, than why don’t businesses spend more time and effort aligning their sales and marketing teams? If the sales and marketing teams collaborate, business will definitely pick up leads and run smoother.

5 Ways Leadtrekker Helps Business Development

New business development is a phrase that encapsulates the different aspects – and frustrations - of the sales process.

In its most basic form, new business development refers to capturing, responding to and managing leads in order to reach a set sales target. It sounds simple enough, but the reality is that not all leads are attended to with the same urgency.

Here are a few difficulties we’ve faced in our own sales process with regards to lead management, as well as how a simple lead management system will address issues:

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