Jeanné Conradie

Jeanné Conradie

How Leadtrekker is Geared to Convert Real Estate Sales Leads

Buying a home is a huge commitment. This means real estate agents need to play the numbers game to sell houses because not all leads will end up being buyers. Leadtrekker is made to help real estate agents convert sales leads.

Starting A Campaign: 3 Important Website Checks

Leadtrekker is here to eradicate errors in digital marketing and advertising. These have become large-scale industries after the introduction of smartphones and mobile internet connection, and the developments don’t seem to have any intention of slowing down. To keep your head above water – when drowning in leads – use Leadtrekker: the only lead software that ensures you never lose a lead.

Implement an Effective Systemised Method of Lead Nurturing in Real Estate

Using an effective systemised system as a means lead nurturing is a truly successful strategy employed by real estate agents around the world. But what if I told you that you could track sales leads to improve sales accountability. Leadtrekker can rectify the issues many commercial real estate agents find dealing with lead generation and nurturing them through the marketing funnel with its many features.

The Benefits of Custom Fields for Real Estate Agents with Leadtrekker

The benefits of a lead tracking system for real estate agents spreads far and wide, and it can boost your sale conversions. You can do everything from keeping track of your leads to monitoring sales leads statuses. Now, with custom fields integrated into the lead tracking software you can proactively sell homes to prospective buyers.

Using Leadtrekker to Optimise B2B Sales

The world of B2B marketing is an ever-changing and evolving one. You need to become an expert in things that have only existed for a short time and may not be around for very long in order to keep up. The biggest shift has been how closely marketing and sales need to work together in an effort to convert sales leads.

How to Implement an Effective Lead Management Process

Having an efficient lead management process means that you will have not only a higher return on investment (ROI), but everyone will communicate and work well together. An effective lead management process means that all lines of communication stay open in order to benefit all of those involved. Lead management systems streamline this process.

Why You Need to Know Where Your Leads Come From

Most companies have multiple platforms from which they get their leads. Marketing efforts may come in the form of phone calls, SMSs, emails, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Knowing where your business is generating the most leads from is extraordinarily important information to have. Here is how Leadtrekker not only makes this possible but streamlines the process for you.

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Leadtrekker

Leadtrekker is a lead management system that streamlines the way agencies and businesses perform when it comes to converting leads to sales. It sports multiple features geared to improve the lead management process and provides ways to interact with leads once they have been generated.

This lead management system even boasts with automatic lead capturing alerting you of leads as soon as they request you to contact them. But did you know Leadtrekker has three brand-spanking-new features to enhance the way you do business?

5 Ways to Generate Quality Leads

A huge influx of leads is great but it is an unfortunate reality that only about 20 per cent of these (if you are lucky) convert to sales. Leadtrekker can improve this by helping you assign, track and nurture your leads until conversion. But it’s not all about quantity – you are after quality leads.

Leadtrekker: Enhancing Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are actively used by millions of people every day. This makes it the perfect place to strengthen a brand and generate leads.


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