Lourens Nortje

Lourens Nortje

What Impact Does A Well-Oiled Sales Process Have On Your Lead Conversion Rate?

What exactly is a sales process?

A sales process consists of systematic steps that your sales team follows in order to increase the probability to convert a sales lead into business.
The main aim of your sales process should be to build rapport with and to nurture your sales lead by initiating regular contact.

3 Simple Ways to Help Improve the Lead Quality in Your Database

Once your lead generation strategies start getting some serious traction and the number of sales leads that are generated on your website increase, your next logical step is to sharpen your pencil when it comes to the quality of the leads.

Most people who deal with leads on a daily basis agree that higher quality leads are more valuable than to a higher volumes of leads.

The question is, how can you improve quality of the leads that you receive?

Here are three most common ways to improve the quality of your sales leads:

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Newsletter Campaigns

Business owners and marketers who are looking to generate a constant flow of leads for their sales team, usually have multiple lead generation strategies. These lead generation strategies can include anything from Google Ads, Facebook Adverts, Social Media campaigns and other strategies like SMS & Email Marketing.

The key to any marketing strategy is that you should be able to measure the effectiveness of the strategy, as it is the only way to improve the efforts that you’ve spent on the specific strategy.

The Impact of Lead Escalations

If you’re still managing your business leads via email you can be assured that some of the leads will fall through the cracks and the end result will…

The Ultimate Guide to Hooking a Lead

Generating business leads follow pretty much the same principles as fishing. Both require patience and plenty of innovative strategies to hook the perfect tuna. 

5 Reasons to Consider Leadtrekker

Leadtrekker is a new and easy way to ensure that your leads are all accounted for and don’t fall through the cracks. Here are 5 reasons why you…

3 Main Factors for Measuring Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective and creative way of building relationships with existing and potential clients, without being too invasive. Apart from the fact that you can offer…

The Benefits of Becoming a Leadtrekker Partner

Leadtrekker’s partner program was specifically designed to help Agencies solve the following client problems: “My clients don’t tell me how many leads they receive.” You can proactively monitor…

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