Marcelle Combrink

Marcelle Combrink

The Quick Guide to Automated Bidding for Google AdWords

AdWords is an amazing product with many features that can drive exceptional return on investment. One of these features is automated and smart bidding on campaigns that can either add value or thoroughly break your campaigns.

We’ve outlined the basics of the 6 automated and smart bidding options and which of these would best suite your client’s business goals.

4 Signs that you are generating bad leads, and how to improve this

As an online marketer you often look at your AdWords or Analytics stats thinking, “Wow, job well done!” This especially happens when your conversion rates are high or you’re hitting record number of leads coming through.

Unfortunately, this bubble bursts quite quickly when your client picks up the phone telling you that the leads they’re getting are terrible. The solution to ensuring that it’s not just the quantity of leads you’re chasing but also the quality, is simple: a proper Lead Management System.

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Customer Database

So, you’ve added forms to your website and captured your prospective clients on a lead management system, but you have no idea how to convert these leads into brand loyalists or customers.

We’ve set out some of the ways in which you can use your customer database to reach your current customers and reach audiences that are similar to your customers. Before you dive in though, we have one piece of advice: Segmentation, segmentation, segmentation.

Improving Your AdWords ROI with Lead Management Systems

Every marketer chases a better click through rate, conversion rate, cost per click and cost per acquisition. Though this is part of our job, this is usually where marketers stop. Unless of course, our customers point out that the really cheap leads we’ve been sourcing are poor quality.

Thus the conundrum occurs: how can we reliably track the value of a lead?

Making the Most of Custom URL Parameters on AdWords

AdWords and online marketers alike are well versed Custom URL parameters. But very few use this powerful resource because most of the data being captured in a custom URL can be viewed through an Analytics report.

But for the elite few who make use of lead management software that captures these variables, there are a few added benefits. Linking customers to keywords, ads, ad groups, campaigns, and devices is invaluable when making marketing decisions to reach your business goals.

Optmyzr vs. WordStream: Which is the better third party AdWords Optimisation Tool?

When talking about third-party reporting tools, you can’t skip the important question about which third-party optimisation tool is better. We’ve used both Optmyzr and WordStream, and we have come up with a resounding “Optmyzr is better”. Here are our reasons why.

What is the best third-party reporting tool for AdWords?

As many answers go, it depends on your needs. But Google Data Studio is one of the best reporting third-party reporting tools available for Google AdWords. In spite of being in Beta at the time of writing this post, Google Data Studio is a powerful and visually driven reporting tool that can create reports tailored to your specific needs.

How to improve your Quality Score on AdWords

When tackling the quality score problem in your account, it is important to look at the specific areas Google recommends you improve. By hovering over (or tapping on) the “Eligible” status of the keywords in your ad groups, you will see the following data

How to Prepare for Google AdWords Certification in a Short Amount of Time

Whether it’s your first time writing the Google AdWords exams, or you need to recap the annual renewal of your certificate, working through Google’s study materials can be a drag. As a specialist who’s written all the exams, I’ve had the opportunity to learn what works well and what doesn’t to help me pass. So let’s start.

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