Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Instruction Manuals are Over-Rated

Sometimes you buy something only to get home, open it up and realise that you have no clue how to use it, and that the instructions make no sense.

Leadtrekker is not one of those instances – we don’t give you a “how to” guide and send you on your way. We prefer to be within reach whenever you need help and keep on teaching you “how to” make the most of Leadtrekker through online webinars and videos.

What Facebook Business Manager Is and Why You Should Be Using It

Most people, when discussing Facebook Business Manager, either love it or have never heard of it. There are a few you have used it and do not like it, but they mostly found it too complicated.

In fact, Facebook Business Manager is simple to use with a bit of know-how and the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of learning how to use the tool. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of Facebook Business Manager.

How to Improve Your Facebook Advertising Audiences

Most people who try Facebook’s paid advertising for the first time come back with the same response “I tried, but I didn’t seem to attract the right audience”.

There are a number of reasons why people assume that they are reaching the wrong audience. A few examples are listed below to give you an idea.

How to Go About Setting up An A/B Split-Test for Social Media Adverts

Social media advertising, any kind of paid advertising really, costs money. For this reason you need to know what works and what doesn’t to determine which “recipe” gives the best results. Because, after all, you want to spend your money on what works best.

Creating an advert, letting it run its course, and then wondering if the results could have been better is a particularly passive approach to social media advertising. The only way to really figure out what will reap the most rewards, whatever your objective may be, is through continuous A/B split-testing.

Why Quick Lead Response is So Important

“If you respond within 5 minutes from receiving a lead your chances of turning the lead into business is increased by 80%”.  – Leadtrekker

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