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5 Ways to Generate Quality Leads

A huge influx of leads is great but it is an unfortunate reality that only about 20 per cent of these (if you are lucky) convert to sales. Leadtrekker can improve this by helping you assign, track and nurture your leads until conversion. But it’s not all about quantity – you are after quality leads.

Leadtrekker: enhancing social media marketing efforts

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are actively used by millions of people every day. This makes it the perfect place to strengthen a brand and generate leads.

How Leadtrekker can help refine your marketing strategy

Leadtrekker gives you new insights into your sales lead management – it provides guidance as to how to use leads management as a means of strategising. This lead management tool allows you to access and use your business data in a way that will revolutionise the way you do business.

Why accountability is crucial to an effective sales team

An effective sales team needs a system that allows them to define the potential clients’ expectations and be accountable for actions taken. Leadtrekker is a lead management system that optimises the way in which a sales team handles leads. Leadtrekker follows the path of a lead from when it first enters the system up until the point where the client responds “yes” or “no”. 

Capture lead sources; improve your marketing efforts

A lead management system is in place for you to cash in on all potential business leads. And when it comes to generating leads this is usually done via a singular channel: marketing. A lot of money, many hours and incredible effort go into marketing to benefit business.

Landing Page is now live!

Do you have a website where you can be contacted? No? Well, that’s no longer a communication or access barrier – and you have Leadtrekker to thank!

How to Keep Sales & Marketing Aligned

Are you familiar with Pareto’s 80/20 principle? Well, this principle applies to many different situations. In sales and marketing, we can typically state that 80% of sales is as a result of 20% of advertising and 80% of profits come from 20% of customers.

This begs the question: If sales and advertising clearly rely on one another, than why don’t businesses spend more time and effort aligning their sales and marketing teams? If the sales and marketing teams collaborate, business will definitely pick up leads and run smoother.

5 Ways Leadtrekker helps business development

New business development is a phrase that encapsulates the different aspects – and frustrations - of the sales process.

In its most basic form, new business development refers to capturing, responding to and managing leads in order to reach a set sales target. It sounds simple enough, but the reality is that not all leads are attended to with the same urgency.

Here are a few difficulties we’ve faced in our own sales process with regards to lead management, as well as how a simple lead management system will address issues:

4 Mistakes that are Costing You Leads

Every business owner wants 3 things: More contacts More leads More customers 

The Impact of Lead Escalations

If you’re still managing your business leads via email you can be assured that some of the leads will fall through the cracks and the end result will…


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