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5 Ways Leadtrekker helps business development

New business development is a phrase that encapsulates the different aspects – and frustrations - of the sales process.

In its most basic form, new business development refers to capturing, responding to and managing leads in order to reach a set sales target. It sounds simple enough, but the reality is that not all leads are attended to with the same urgency.

Here are a few difficulties we’ve faced in our own sales process with regards to lead management, as well as how a simple lead management system will address issues:

4 Mistakes that are Costing You Leads

Every business owner wants 3 things: More contacts More leads More customers 

The Impact of Lead Escalations

If you’re still managing your business leads via email you can be assured that some of the leads will fall through the cracks and the end result will…

Why Quick Lead Response is So Important

“If you respond within 5 minutes from receiving a lead your chances of turning the lead into business is increased by 80%”.  – Leadtrekker

What do Our Top Clients Love Most about Leadtrekker?

Leadtrekker’s innovative lead management system has effectively transformed the way various businesses manage their leads. 

The Ultimate Guide to Hooking a Lead

Generating business leads follow pretty much the same principles as fishing. Both require patience and plenty of innovative strategies to hook the perfect tuna. 

How to Accurately Measure Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is not a new concept, however, it is still one that a lot of marketers approach with care, mainly because seeing is believing. This can be…

Don’t let Your Lack of Programming Knowledge Stop You from Using Leadtrekker

Leadtrekker is an ideal system for businesses that generate leads through their website. The system can be integrated with multiple websites in order to automatically capture your leads…

5 Reasons to Consider Leadtrekker

Leadtrekker is a new and easy way to ensure that your leads are all accounted for and don’t fall through the cracks. Here are 5 reasons why you…

Improve the Quality of Your Sales Leads

No leads means no business. Business growth cannot happen if a business is not receiving quality leads. To gain new and loyal customers, you need to have an…


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