The Quick Guide to Automated Bidding for Google AdWords

AdWords is an amazing product with many features that can drive exceptional return on investment. One of these features is automated and smart bidding on campaigns that can either add value or thoroughly break your campaigns.

We’ve outlined the basics of the 6 automated and smart bidding options and which of these would best suite your client’s business goals.

Best practice for lead management

Receiving hundreds of leads without some sort of structure won’t mean much as many of these prospective clients can fall through the cracks. A quality lead management system is revolutionary for lead conversion as it tells you exactly how people came across your business, what their needs are and how you can secure their business. All you need to do is follow up before your competitors do and offer an accurate solution and exceptional customer service. Leadtrekker does most of the organising; all you need to do is apply best practice to secure your leads:

Leadtrekker welcomes a fresh face

We are excited to introduce a spirited and charismatic new Leadtrekker team-member.

Chanel de Beer joined us early in July and quickly learnt the ropes. With her go-getter attitude and outgoing personality, we’re sure she’ll more than fit the bill. Chanel shared some valuable personal insights so that our clients might get better acquainted with her:

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Pretoria North and I grew up in Montana Park. I went to Laerskool Stephanus Roos and Hoërskool Montana.

Starting a campaign: 3 important website checks

Leadtrekker is here to eradicate errors in digital marketing and advertising. These have become large-scale industries after the introduction of smartphones and mobile internet connection, and the developments don’t seem to have any intention of slowing down. To keep your head above water – when drowning in leads – use Leadtrekker: the only lead software that ensures you never lose a lead.

How to evaluate if your website is generating ROI

When last did you re-evaluate your business website, or any of your other business strategies? Usually, businesses only take a look at their strategies when they see their competitors are doing better than they are.

More and more, the business world is becoming extremely competitive, making it crucial to have qualified staff and applications to improve your digital marketing and your online presence/personality.

As one of your most convenient sales tools, just how effective is your website?

Use these 5 email subject line tips to improve your open-rate

Your subject line is the very first thing that determines your email open-rate. So, if your subject line is not on point, your email marketing campaign will suffer.

4 Signs that you are generating bad leads, and how to improve this

As an online marketer you often look at your AdWords or Analytics stats thinking, “Wow, job well done!” This especially happens when your conversion rates are high or you’re hitting record number of leads coming through.

Unfortunately, this bubble bursts quite quickly when your client picks up the phone telling you that the leads they’re getting are terrible. The solution to ensuring that it’s not just the quantity of leads you’re chasing but also the quality, is simple: a proper Lead Management System.

How A/B split testing saved my email campaigns

For four months, I couldn’t understand why my email campaign showed no consistency in statistics. Time after time I tried new tips and tricks, new styles and followed expert advice, but none of my emails returned with the outcome I was expecting.

This was about the time that I was reminded of the power of comparison. Think of how easy it is to convince someone of your opinion, if your facts properly display how pro’s and con’s outweigh one another.

6 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Personalising Your Content

The main purpose of content is to make it intriguing enough to get your audience to engage and then take some kind of action. How do we do this?

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Customer Database

So, you’ve added forms to your website and captured your prospective clients on a lead management system, but you have no idea how to convert these leads into brand loyalists or customers.

We’ve set out some of the ways in which you can use your customer database to reach your current customers and reach audiences that are similar to your customers. Before you dive in though, we have one piece of advice: Segmentation, segmentation, segmentation.


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