3 Simple Ways to Help Improve the Lead Quality in Your Database

Once your lead generation strategies start getting some serious traction and the number of sales leads that are generated on your website increase, your next logical step is to sharpen your pencil when it comes to the quality of the leads.

Most people who deal with leads on a daily basis agree that higher quality leads are more valuable than to a higher volumes of leads.

The question is, how can you improve quality of the leads that you receive?

Here are three most common ways to improve the quality of your sales leads:

Get Help with Integrating Leadtrekker with Your Website

One of Leadtrekker’s core features is its ability to integrate with just about any website or system out there. Leadtrekker boasts with two simple, yet very powerful, APIs (API: Application Programming Interface) which enables developers to submit lead information into the system from where it then flows into the business’ sales procedures.

When we developed these APIs we tried to write to be as easy as possible to implement, but most importantly, flexible enough in its application that it can be integrated with many other available systems.

Improving Your AdWords ROI with Lead Management Systems

Every marketer chases a better click through rate, conversion rate, cost per click and cost per acquisition. Though this is part of our job, this is usually where marketers stop. Unless of course, our customers point out that the really cheap leads we’ve been sourcing are poor quality.

Thus the conundrum occurs: how can we reliably track the value of a lead?

Benefits of Being a Leadtrekker Partner

One of the most important lessons I have learned over the past few years as a business owner is that you can’t go wrong if you focus on passive income.

Leadtrekker isn’t only a great lead management system, but also an ideal platform for its partners to earn passive income.

Leadtrekker’s partner program empowers its partners for up to 50% rebate on licenses sold under each partner account.

Instruction Manuals are Over-Rated

Sometimes you buy something only to get home, open it up and realise that you have no clue how to use it, and that the instructions make no sense.

Leadtrekker is not one of those instances – we don’t give you a “how to” guide and send you on your way. We prefer to be within reach whenever you need help and keep on teaching you “how to” make the most of Leadtrekker through online webinars and videos.

How Quality Leads Create Sales Conversions

 In today’s competitive business environment, lead management systems are becoming a critical addition to digital marketing strategies. Scoring, assigning and nurturing your leads improves conversion rates and increases ROI.

Companies who do not use automated software to manage their leads effectively waste time and money because they are chasing weak leads.

Making the Most of Custom URL Parameters on AdWords

AdWords and online marketers alike are well versed Custom URL parameters. But very few use this powerful resource because most of the data being captured in a custom URL can be viewed through an Analytics report.

But for the elite few who make use of lead management software that captures these variables, there are a few added benefits. Linking customers to keywords, ads, ad groups, campaigns, and devices is invaluable when making marketing decisions to reach your business goals.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Newsletter Campaigns?

Business owners and marketers who are looking to generate a constant flow of leads for their sales team, usually have multiple lead generation strategies. These lead generation strategies can include anything from Google AdWords, Facebook Adverts, Social Media campaigns and other strategies like SMS & Email Marketing.

The key to any marketing strategy is that you should be able to measure the effectiveness of the strategy, as it is the only way to improve the efforts that you’ve spent on the specific strategy.

3 Ways Leadtrekker can Help You be More Proactive as a Digital Marketing Company

If you have worked in inbound marketing you know that the struggle with leads is real. The amount of issues that can influence your campaigns is endless. 


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