Optmyzr vs. WordStream: Which is the better third party AdWords Optimisation Tool?

When talking about third-party reporting tools, you can’t skip the important question about which third-party optimisation tool is better. We’ve used both Optmyzr and WordStream, and we have come up with a resounding “Optmyzr is better”. Here are our reasons why.

What is the best third-party reporting tool for AdWords?

As many answers go, it depends on your needs. But Google Data Studio is one of the best reporting third-party reporting tools available for Google AdWords. In spite of being in Beta at the time of writing this post, Google Data Studio is a powerful and visually driven reporting tool that can create reports tailored to your specific needs.

How to improve your Quality Score on AdWords

When tackling the quality score problem in your account, it is important to look at the specific areas Google recommends you improve. By hovering over (or tapping on) the “Eligible” status of the keywords in your ad groups, you will see the following data

How to Prepare for Google AdWords Certification in a Short Amount of Time

Whether it’s your first time writing the Google AdWords exams, or you need to recap the annual renewal of your certificate, working through Google’s study materials can be a drag. As a specialist who’s written all the exams, I’ve had the opportunity to learn what works well and what doesn’t to help me pass. So let’s start.

Make a Success of Your Marketing Business with Leadtrekker

As a marketing agency, your success comes from making your clients more successful. But how can you make them more successful if they have no idea where their successful sales leads are coming from? And how can you be sure that your marketing strategies are effective? The answer to these questions is simple: encourage your clients to make use of automatic lead alerts with Leadtrekker.

Manage Your Leads While Your Business is Closed Over December

With the December holiday season coming up, most businesses are planning to close. For some this is a rather stressful occasion, and you might spend all your time off wondering about how much business you are losing by being closed. With Leadtrekker’s lead management system this will never have to be a cause for concern ever again!

Why you need to know where your leads come from

Most companies have multiple platforms from which they get their leads. Marketing efforts may come in the form of phone calls, SMSs, emails, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Knowing where your business is generating the most leads from is extraordinarily important information to have. Here is how Leadtrekker not only makes this possible but streamlines the process for you.

5 Ways to Generate Quality Leads

A huge influx of leads is great but it is an unfortunate reality that only about 20 per cent of these (if you are lucky) convert to sales. Leadtrekker can improve this by helping you assign, track and nurture your leads until conversion. But it’s not all about quantity – you are after quality leads.

Leadtrekker: enhancing social media marketing efforts

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are actively used by millions of people every day. This makes it the perfect place to strengthen a brand and generate leads.

How Leadtrekker can help refine your marketing strategy

Leadtrekker gives you new insights into your sales lead management – it provides guidance as to how to use leads management as a means of strategising. This lead management tool allows you to access and use your business data in a way that will revolutionise the way you do business.


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