3 Ways to Improve Accountability within Your Sales Team

Managing accountability is one of the most important factors when it comes to managing a sales team in your business. Here are 3 ways to improve accountability within your sales team:

Set SMART goals

One of the most important steps to achieving better accountability, not only for your sales team but also for each individual on the team, is to set SMART goals. SMART goal setting entails more than just chasing after a monthly sales target. You can think of SMART goal setting as the steps you need to take in order to reach high numbers for every sales period.

Get Help with Integrating Leadtrekker with Your Website

One of Leadtrekker’s core features is its ability to integrate with just about any website or system out there. Leadtrekker boasts with two simple, yet very powerful, APIs (API: Application Programming Interface) which enables developers to submit lead information into the system from where it then flows into the business’ sales procedures.

When we developed these APIs we tried to write to be as easy as possible to implement, but most importantly, flexible enough in its application that it can be integrated with many other available systems.

Leadtrekker is Launching Two New Features

We strongly believe in taking heed to our clients’ call, which is why we have developed two new useful features to our lead management system. We are now launching Automated Business Insights and Advanced Escalations with an informative webinar on Thursday, 1 December, 11 am.

5 Ways that Leadtrekker Will Improve Sales Automation

As business owners, we have all heard the term Sales Automation. But what does it really mean?

Well, to put it simply, Sales Automation is a process of systemising business sales by using software to:

  • share information
  • control sales processes
  • manage customers
  • manage sales pipeline forecasting
  • keep tabs on sales targets
  • report on marketing efforts

Here are 5 ways that Leadtrekker helps its clients improve their Sales Automation processes:

Instruction Manuals are Over-Rated

Sometimes you buy something only to get home, open it up and realise that you have no clue how to use it, and that the instructions make no sense.

Leadtrekker is not one of those instances – we don’t give you a “how to” guide and send you on your way. We prefer to be within reach whenever you need help and keep on teaching you “how to” make the most of Leadtrekker through online webinars and videos.

The Benefits of Measurement in Your Business when it comes to Leads

Sooner than later, most business owners realise the importance of measurement. Some of the top aspects of measurement include (but are not limited to) cash flow, product development, and general expenses.

As a business grows, it becomes important to adjust and align marketing strategies and measure the effectiveness of those marketing strategies.

How Quality Leads Create Sales Conversions

 In today’s competitive business environment, lead management systems are becoming a critical addition to digital marketing strategies. Scoring, assigning and nurturing your leads improves conversion rates and increases ROI.

Companies who do not use automated software to manage their leads effectively waste time and money because they are chasing weak leads.

How can Leadtrekker Improve Your ROI?

How much do I spend on marketing, and how many leads does this produce?

Whether you are a business owner or a marketing manager, leads and lead conversions are your fundamental concerns in the business world. Having a strategic marketing plan is important, but ensuring that this plan produces quality leads is even more important for your Return on Investment (ROI).

Optmyzr vs. WordStream: Which is the better third party AdWords Optimisation Tool?

When talking about third-party reporting tools, you can’t skip the important question about which third-party optimisation tool is better. We’ve used both Optmyzr and WordStream, and we have come up with a resounding “Optmyzr is better”. Here are our reasons why.

What is the best third-party reporting tool for AdWords?

As many answers go, it depends on your needs. But Google Data Studio is one of the best reporting third-party reporting tools available for Google AdWords. In spite of being in Beta at the time of writing this post, Google Data Studio is a powerful and visually driven reporting tool that can create reports tailored to your specific needs.


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