Capture Info Email Queries as Leads

Over the past few of years it has become apparent that there are a few things expected of businesses when it comes to communicating in the digital space that is the Internet today.

Leadtrekker Clean Your Data For SMS Campaigns

The success of an SMS campaign is determined by a database that is error-free, clean, and true.

facebook audience size

Most people who try Facebook’s paid advertising for the first time come back with the same response “I tried, but I didn’t seem to attract the right audience”.

Social media split testing with Leadtrekker

Social media advertising, any kind of paid advertising really, costs money. For this reason you need to know what works and what doesn’t to determine which “recipe” gives the best results.

Get more leads with Google Ads Parallel Tracking

If you’re making us of Custom Track Parameters in Google Ads, Google announced the best news Google Ads agencies can hear: