Different Lead Distribution Methods

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Sales

There needs to be a strategy when it comes to lead distribution, or your sales team will face challenges. There are so many different sales distribution methods to choose from – the trick is finding the right fit for your team. To ensure that lead volume, contact rates and conversion rates are impacted positively, your lead distribution system should be fast and compatible with your sales funnel.

Typical Methods of Lead Distribution

By employing a proper leads distribution strategy, you take the guesswork out of who receives the next lead. You can also avoid conflict between sales teams and ensure that there is constant accountability. Below are some of the different lead distribution methods:

Round Robin

This method is one of the fairest methods of lead distribution. Leads are assigned to each person in equal portions, in circular order, without preference towards any salesperson. It allows everyone in the sales team an equal workload, and an equal chance of closing deals.

Top Producer

This is a method that favours the top performers of the team. Generally reserved for ‘hungrier’ sales representatives, this method can encourage salespeople to perform better to achieve more wins (especially if they work on commission). This method comes with some drawbacks; it can reduce response time, as top performers will have significantly more leads and their time will be tied up with responsibilities.


Region-specific lead distribution is used for sales teams that are spread over different areas within the same company. Naturally, if a lead is created for a Johannesburg branch, it shouldn’t be assigned to the Durban branch. Leads are distributed to their relevant sub-groups. Sales representatives can leverage regional differences to build relationships and nurture their leads by relating to them.

Automatically Distribute Sales Leads

Lead distribution software automatically captures leads into a database and assigns leads to the relevant party. Most customer relationship management (CRM) systems have this feature and can be customised according to your preferred lead distribution method. Lead distribution software like Leadtrekker:

  • Can assist with lead distribution: Leadtrekker can automate the lead distribution process and streamline it so that salespeople are instantly notified when a lead comes in. If a salesperson does not respond to a lead within a specific timeframe, the lead will be assigned to someone else, and a manager notified.
  • Is highly customisable: Users can customise Leadtrekker to suit their exact needs. The following are just some of the system features that can be customised:
    • Dashboard
    • Enable/disable SMS notifications
    • User Levels & permissions
    • Lead notifications
    • Lead escalations
    • Lead statuses
    • Lead sources
  • Captures website leads: Leadtrekker is ideal for businesses that use their websites to capture leads and can easily integrate with multiple websites to record lead details automatically on the system. You can also create leads manually on the system when you receive phone calls or walk-in customers. This database can then be used as a nurturing system that can be accessed by team members with granted permission.

Lead Distribution Software South Africa

As a highly versatile CRM system, Leadtrekker can act as lead distribution software with multiple added benefits. To find out what Leadtrekker can do to improve your business and boost your profits, book a demo or contact our experts.

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