Improve the Quality of Your Sales Leads

No leads mean no business. Business growth cannot happen if a business is not receiving quality leads. To gain new and loyal customers, you need to have an efficient and professional lead management system. If you find that your business is receiving leads but you are not getting actual sales, you may find that the quality of your leads is low.

Here are a few things that you need to know about lead quality:

Quality over Quantity

You may think that because your data shows that you’ve received a lot of leads over the last few months that your business is growing. This is not true. Some leads may not be ready to buy your product and service while others may not be interested in your service at all. Is it worth wasting your time chasing around useless leads? No. You need to market to the right people to ensure that you get quality leads instead of lots of leads.

Lead Nurturing is Crucial

Almost 79% of leads don’t convert into business. Lead nurturing is one of the most effective ways to increase lead quality. Just because someone fills in a contact form or phones to inquire about a service, does not mean that they will purchase a product or service from you. To convert leads into sales, you need to follow up on the lead.

Explicit & Implicit Data should be used

Explicit data, demographic information about the lead, and implicit data, actions that the lead has taken on various platforms (website visits, emails opened, etc.), are both important when it comes to determining if a lead is a quality lead or not. You can effectively score leads by using more than one source of data.

Social Media Produces Quality Leads

Social media marketing not only produces quality leads, it also enables businesses to effectively track and manage their marketing efforts. Social media platforms enable you to effetely communicate with consumers to find out what they are looking for. Once you are targeting the right audience and presenting them with what they want, you can convert more leads into sales.

Strategies need to be Set Up

To effectively convert more leads, the sales team and the marketing team in your company need to be aligned. Focus strategies and clear business objectives need to be put in place to ensure both teams are aiming to achieve the same goals.

A Lead Management System will Boost Sales

An effective lead management system will ensure that:

  • All your all leads from different sources are tracked and nurtured
  • Your sales and marketing teams’ objectives are in line
  • You can use all the saved data on your lead management system to set up effective strategies for your business
  • The overall lead quality will increase

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