Leads Life Cycle Stage: Commitment

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Marketing

We’ve been exploring each of the lead stages in the lead lifecycle, and how Leadtrekker can assist through each of them. The commitment stage is the stage where your lead has committed to doing business with you, meaning they are ready to move into becoming a customer. This is a great stage, but communication is absolutely imperative!

What is the Commitment Stage?

The commitment stage doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a sale. The commitment stage is when a prospect has found their way to your product / service, shown an interest and then made the right noises towards becoming a customer. Many leads will say that they are ready to do business with you, but there are factors that can change this. Some of these factors include:

  • Whether the lead has the authority to make the purchasing decision
  • If they don’t, whether they have received permission from the person with buying power
  • Whether the lead has the budget to purchase goods / services from your business
  • Whether the lead has a need for the product / service in the present, or if they are going to keep their options open

What is Your Role in the Commitment Stage?

As a business looking to convert the lead into a sale, you’ll need to be consistent and attentive with your prospects. In the commitment stage, it’s important to keep communication clear and open with your prospect.

  • Open communication: Keep communication constant so that your lead knows you are not abandoning them. At the same time, however, you don’t want to overwhelm your prospect with too much communication. That may end up chasing them away entirely. This is why it’s important to track your communication on a lead management platform to avoid overdoing it.
  • Continue building trust: In order to get your prospect to make a decision to buy, you’ll need to ensure that they trust your business. To build trust, your salespeople need to build relationships, have a fast response time, and commit to fully understanding the prospect’s needs.
  • Provide value: This is important to do without forcing the sale. If you highlight a need that a client has, you can then highlight how the solution can help. But do this gently and without putting pressure on the sale.

How Can Leadtrekker Assist in the Commitment Stage?

Leadtrekker offers multiple tools that can:

  • Track client communication and status on your Leadtrekker database
  • Set email reminders to follow up on leads to ensure they don’t feel neglected
  • Improve response times by setting notifications for a sales person once a lead is assigned to them; i.e. if the lead is moved on to the next phase, the relevant person will receive a notification
  • Should this person not respond within a set amount of time, the lead could be assigned to someone else

Leadtrekker can assist with all of your lead management needs, and can be configured to suit your company’s unique needs. Contact us or book a demo to see how Leadtrekker can revolutionise your processes!

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