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Get more leads with Google Ads Parallel Tracking

If you’re making us of Custom Track Parameters in Google Ads, Google announced the best news Google Ads agencies can hear:

Cost per aquisition, target cpa bidding

Automated bidding, such as target CPA, can be a contentious topic amongst Google Ads agencies. Some argue that it makes their lives much easier by automatically managing their bids and driving great results. Others argue that it can be equated to giving the sheep to the wolves and hoping for the best.

Google Ads’ audience features have come a long way since its introduction into the ad platform.

What is a good CTR in an Google Ads campaign,

With the help of Answer the Public, we’ve identified some of the burning questions some novices and business owners have about Google Ads clickthrough rat

bidding on google ads

Google Ads is an amazing product with many features that can drive exceptional return on investment.