Using Your Lead Management System to Prevent Lead Leakage

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Customers, Marketing, Sales

Lead leakage is a costly and common problem among sales and marketing teams, as leads begin to grow, information and follow-up processes often fall through the cracks and are quickly forgotten about. In order to protect all your sales opportunities and safeguard them against falling into the black hole of disorganisation, your sales team may need a lead management system.

A lead management system is designed to prevent costly sales issues, such as lead leakage, by providing sales teams with a streamlined smart solution to managing and organising every single lead. Lead management systems, like Leadtrekker, prevent lead leakage in several ways due to smart functionalities and next-level features, answering the age-old question of “how can one prevent lead leakage from occurring?”

Centralised Lead Capturing

The centralised database of a lead management system is key to promoting organisation and to prevent lead leakage. Automated lead capturing also assists in this regard as information that is entered on your website, typically from site visitors requesting a quote or filling in any other type of online form, can immediately reflect in this database, eradicating lost information and human error. The use of spreadsheets is definitely the complete opposite of a central lead management system, as leads are scattered in different places causing them to fall through the cracks.

Automated Distribution

Smart lead management systems, like Leadtrekker, go beyond being a simple lead capture database, they provide much more value. A lead management system cuts the time it takes for leads to be manually assigned to each salesperson by automating this process. Leads can therefore be automatically assigned to sales team individuals to ensure quick lead response times, while taking the risk of lead leakage away. Automated distribution will be based on the predetermined criteria that has been set up on the system.

Smart Response

Not only should a lead management system have centralised lead capturing functionality and an automated distribution feature, it should also include a smart response system, just like that of Leadtrekker. In order to maximise your chances of conversion, lead response times should be as quick as possible. This can be achieved through a smart response functionality. This notification feature enables businesses to set up a messaging feature whereby leads are informed that their request to be contacted has been received and that they will be contacted shortly.

Looking for a Try-it-for-Free Lead Management System?

If you’re looking for a try-it-for-free lead management system, Leadtrekker is the direction you should be heading in. With Leadtrekker, you will get all the above-mentioned features, and more, that will prevent lead leakage in your sales team, empowering you to action each and every sales opportunity with smart efficiency and streamlined lead management.

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