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Widely Compatible

The one-size-fits-all solution for businesses that generate leads from their website. Leadtrekker offers seamless integration with multiple platforms to give all businesses the opportunity to organise and nurture their sales leads.

Measurable Lead Response Time

A good lead today can become a bad lead tomorrow. For accurate response-time management and maximised accountability, Leadtrekker keeps track of the time your sales team took to contact a lead.

Marketing ROI Measurement

Make informed decisions on your marketing efforts by measuring the success of your current campaigns with Leadtrekker. Granting you the information you need to confidently yield the best results possible.

Automated Lead Assignment

Using customisable criteria, leads are automatically assigned to individuals within your sales team. This allows for improved organisation, maximised accountability, and puts an end to any sales opportunities falling through the cracks.

Landing Pages

For targeted campaign management, create custom landing pages to automate and organise SMS and email responses per page. These pages can be deployed within minutes to streamline the efforts of specific marketing campaigns.

Instant Email/SMS Notifications

Leadtrekker has instant notification capability, keeping you informed of any incoming leads via SMS and email. Keep up with real-time notifications, even if you’re on the move.

Dynamic & Flexible Reporting

With comprehensive reporting features, you can pinpoint marketing campaign successes with access to accurate and intuitive analytics in order to make informed, strategic business decisions.

White Labelling

Leadtrekker allows its clients to easily customise automated lead engagement emails to display their own personal brand.

Boost Conversions

Leadtrekker’s numerous features allow you to properly manage and account for each and every sales lead through better organisation and communication, leading to a boost in conversions.

Improve Performance

Improve your sales team’s performance with a powerful and intuitive Lead Management System. Leadtrekker allows for automated lead assignment and accountability management for improved sales performance.

Improve Performance

Improve your sales team’s performance with a powerful and intuitive Lead Management System. Leadtrekker allows for automated lead assignment and accountability management for improved sales performance.

Business FAQ's

If you’re part of the online sales and marketing world, “lead generation” should be a familiar term. Leadtrekker sheds some light on what lead generation is; whether it’s new to you or you are just looking for some tips.

What is a Lead?

Leads are potential customers who have shown some form of interest in your products or services.

Lead Generation Meaning

Lead generation is a set of methods used to attract potential clients to your business, by giving them all the information and resources that they need to get them started:

  • Who your company is
  • What it does
  • What you have to offer
  • Why it is useful and to whom
  • How to get in contact

These methods, though often similar, are usually custom-made entirely to fit in with the marketing strategy of the business to optimise the amount of leads generated.

There are Two Main Categories in Lead Generation: Inbound and Outbound:

Inbound Marketing

  • Inbound marketing is the process of ensuring that potential customers have easy access to your company’s information on multiple platforms.
  • The engagement that the potential client exhibits on these platforms should allow your company to collate relevant information. This allows your sales team to successfully offer customers and clients precisely what they’re looking for, in the most enticing way. We’re going to be focusing more on inbound marketing for the purpose of this article.

Outbound Marketing

  • Outbound marketing ensures that your company can be found, even if the public are unaware of its existence. These methods ensure that you are actively targeting those you want to see the content paired with a strong call-to-action to ensure that they can find their way to more information on your platforms with ease. This strategy is intended to help your company stand out, to grow your online presence and remain at the top of the ranks.

Inbound marketing is more informative, while outbound marketing drives potential customers to buy your product or service. A successful lead generation process will ensure that both of these strategies are in place, to optimise the number of leads generated and to increase your chances of a sale.

Why is Lead Generation Important?

So you’ve got a target market, great marketing ideas and awesome deals on your products or services? Fantastic! Does anyone know about your company? Lead generation ensures that you don’t get lost in the noise of every other company offering something similar. The growth of any business relies on a constant flow of new leads and clients.

How Do You Start?

You Need a Website

An exceptional website at that. A strong online presence is imperative to helping your potential clients find you, organically. Your website is the foundation for all of your content and is the place that all of your leads will end up in their journey through the sales funnel.

A few things to keep in mind about a great website:

  • Make it attractive: People will spend more time on your site and be more inclined to explore if it’s visually appealing.
  • Make it interesting: Ensure that your content is informative and captures attention! Add informative blogs relevant to your product or service to add more detail.
  • Create valuable content: You’ll want to look into optimising your content via search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO ensures that you achieve better rankings on search engines, automatically helping you to generate more leads. Search engines favour websites with high-quality content, so creating original, valuable content is crucial.
  • Make it mobile-friendly: Your audience (regardless of who you are targeting) is using their phones to search the web; ensure that your site is mobile-friendly so that they can find you without a PC. Ensure that your website is compatible for all devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Make it easy to navigate: Convenience is key – ensure that the information is readily available without overloading your site with too much information. This goes hand in hand with a great User Experience (UX) design, which ensures that your visitors have a positive experience while on your website. This means also ensuring that your site is compatible across all browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Make it easy for people to contact you, and for your team to follow up with them by adding an opt-in form. If you want to increase your chances of them filling out this form, add in an enticing incentive – either a discount on a product or service, or relevant tips that will benefit them. You can make these forms into a pop-up to remind your visitor to sign up before they go. This will also make it easier for you to capture your leads more effectively. Make it something worthwhile that makes them want to trust you with their information!
  • Speaking of trust, make absolutely sure that your website is secure. Your client relationships are built on trust, so it is important that your site is served over a secure encrypted (https://) connection. Many people will not entertain a website for more than a few seconds if it is not secure.
  • Powerful calls to action (CTAs) are essential throughout all of your content. If your clients know exactly what steps to take on your platforms to get to their desired result, they are more likely engage with you and move from a prospect to a sale.
  • Blog about it: Blogs are a great way to add natural content on your website without flooding it with too much information.
  • Add testimonials: With all of these resources at our fingertips, word of mouth, positive recommendations are still one of the best ways to up your brand awareness and bring in fresh leads.

You Need to get Social

Once you’re satisfied with the quality with the above, it’s time to promote your company on social media platforms.

  • Social media is a powerful tool that provides endless possibilities for sharing, engaging and increasing your brand awareness. 
  • People spend a large amount of time on social media, so it’s important to be seen on these platforms. Starting a business page opens the door for sharing content that leads back to your site, and allows potential leads to engage with your team. Opinions on social media tend to spread like wildfire, and stick, so you’ll need to ensure that the content you’re sharing is informative and interesting – much like what you have on your site. You can also share blog posts on these platforms that will lead the readers back to your website.
  • Putting competitions together on these platforms will also help you increase the engagement that you receive; the more engagement you get on these platforms, the better you will rank with search engines. 

What’s Next?

  • So you have leads pouring in; well done! Now, what efficient system can you use to capture, organise and optimise your leads?
  • Leadtrekker is a lead management system that can help improve the lead management process for any industry and provide ways to interact with leads once they have been generated.

A quality lead management system is revolutionary for lead conversion. Leadtrekker assists with most of the organising and provides support to ensure that your lead management is successful. For more information and expert advice, contact Leadtrekker today!

Everyone is carrying on about lead management and how implementing an effective lead management system will help your business deal with all its sales opportunities; however, what exactly is “lead management”? Which processes does it deal with? What are the goals of a lead management system? We delve into the meaning of lead management (in a way that won’t have you nodding off in boredom) in order to help businesses like yours wrap their heads around the term, and why it is such a buzzword in the corporate and SME environment today.

And, what better way to learn about lead management than through the analogy of candy?

The “Leads” in Lead Management: Your Candy-Coated Buttons

Without leads, your business’ candy, we would not have lead management. Leads refer to all sales opportunities that a business collects in various ways. Any business enquiry should be seen as a sales opportunity and could therefore be interpreted as a lead. Here are some examples:

  • Incoming phone queries
  • Email queries
  • Website forms
  • Social media, and more.

With all these leads coming in from various platforms and sources, as your business grows, your leads will soon be looking like this:

With so many leads, how will you manage them all without allowing one or two to fall through the cracks?

The “Management” in Lead Management: Contain Your Candy

The goal of a lead management process is to manage volumes of “candy” effectively in order to convert more of these leads into sales and to minimise any leads, or candy, from getting lost in a growing sea of more and more candy. Business should therefore create an architecture of lead management which contains:

  • The organisation of data – lead capturing
  • How the leads are distributed – lead assignment
  • The nurturing process – lead nurturing

These are known as the stages of the lead management process which will help to solve various problems, such as:

  • Lead leakage
  • Missed follow-ups
  • Zero lead engagement

The Stages of Lead Management

Lead Capturing – Lead capturing is the process whereby the candy-coated buttons are systematically saved and stored onto your lead management system. This means that when a lead comes in, it should either be automatically or manually captured onto the central database, every time. By having a central database where your leads are captured and stored, you will have all your candy safely contained in one accessible place.

Lead capturing should be determined by each lead “type”. For example, with a lead management system like Leadtrekker, the leads entered via form submission on your website will automatically be captured. For incoming calls, you will need to train your staff on how to quickly and easily enter the lead’s information into the system.

Lead Distribution – Lead distribution refers to the process whereby your leads are passed on to the relevant sales people equipped to deal with each specific query.

In other words, in which direction your candy should go in order to get the professional and experienced attention it needs to convert into a sale. Using a lead management system, you can auto-assign leads based on pre-specified designation, such as: all leads that query about service A should be assigned to sales person B. If a lead is manually entered onto the system, you can select from the various options available and manually assign a lead to a user. This process holds the assigned salesperson accountable for this lead, ensuring a consistent and precise experience for each lead based on the person’s experience and increasing the salesperson’s responsibility and accountability towards the lead.

Lead Nurturing – most successful businesses believe that there is no such thing as a “dead” lead. All leads can potentially become a client in future, especially if you provide them with good experiences through content marketing strategies. For example, you could send them educational newsletters, freebies, VIP invites etc. This will award you with a brand advocate and a potential happy client.

So, if a salesperson fails to make a sale, the lead’s information will remain safely stored on the leads management system and go into a lead nurturing process. This process can consist of various engagement strategies and can be contacted again in future. No need to miss out on any sales opportunities with a proper lead management system in place.

Take Me to the Candy Shop: Leadtrekker

What is the ultimate lead management system you need in order to effectively capture, distribute and nurture your candy? Leadtrekker. The smart way to manage your candy. Sign up for a free trial today and find out for yourself why Leadtrekker is the ultimate candy jar, empowering you to effectively action on each and every sweet, precious lead.

Lead leakage is a costly and common problem among sales and marketing teams, as leads begin to grow, information and follow-up processes often fall through the cracks and are quickly forgotten about. In order to protect all your sales opportunities and safeguard them against falling into the black hole of disorganisation, your sales team may need a lead management system.

A lead management system is designed to prevent costly sales issues, such as lead leakage, by providing sales teams with a streamlined smart solution to managing and organising every single lead. Lead management systems, like Leadtrekker, prevent lead leakage in several ways due to smart functionalities and next-level features, answering the age-old question of “how can one prevent lead leakage from occurring?”

Centralised Lead Capturing

The centralised database of a lead management system is key to promoting organisation and to prevent lead leakage. Automated lead capturing also assists in this regard as information that is entered on your website, typically from site visitors requesting a quote or filling in any other type of online form, can immediately reflect in this database, eradicating lost information and human error. The use of spreadsheets is definitely the complete opposite of a central lead management system, as leads are scattered in different places causing them to fall through the cracks.

Automated Distribution

Smart lead management systems, like Leadtrekker, go beyond being a simple lead capture database, they provide much more value. A lead management system cuts the time it takes for leads to be manually assigned to each salesperson by automating this process. Leads can therefore be automatically assigned to sales team individuals to ensure quick lead response times, while taking the risk of lead leakage away. Automated distribution will be based on the predetermined criteria that has been set up on the system.

Smart Response

Not only should a lead management system have centralised lead capturing functionality and an automated distribution feature, it should also include a smart response system, just like that of Leadtrekker. In order to maximise your chances of conversion, lead response times should be as quick as possible. This can be achieved through a smart response functionality. This notification feature enables businesses to set up a messaging feature whereby leads are informed that their request to be contacted has been received and that they will be contacted shortly.

Looking for a Try-it-for-Free Lead Management System?

If you’re looking for a try-it-for-free lead management system, Leadtrekker is the direction you should be heading in. With Leadtrekker, you will get all the above-mentioned features, and more, that will prevent lead leakage in your sales team, empowering you to action each and every sales opportunity with smart efficiency and streamlined lead management.

Leadtrekker is a powerful Lead Management System that allows you to manage, organise and nurture your sales leads effectively.

Although Leadtrekker is not a bloated CRM, it offers lightweight CRM features which allow for the safe storage of your clients’ information. Leads can easily be converted to customers during any phase of your sales process.

Leadtrekker transforms the way your business tracks and stores leads, offering a central solution for improved accountability and marketing ROI measurement.

Leadtrekker automatically builds a database from all captured leads. Detailed information of the leads is available to each user and can be used for future marketing purposes. You can also generate detailed reports, which can be exported and used to improve marketing and sales strategies by tracking which campaigns perform best.

You can easily integrate Leadtrekker with your website by simply adding a small piece of code on your website’s contact forms. Leadtrekker is also compatible with most CMS Websites (Content Management Systems) such as Drupal and WordPress.

You can receive email and/or SMS notifications, which you can customise per user. Getting instant notifications will help you improve your response time to leads.

You can easily set up and customise different user groups with different privileges on the system.