Leadtrekker’s Core Features and Benefits

Leadtrekker is dedicated to continuously enhancing and updating its services and features to deliver
the optimal experience for our clients through tailored tools that streamline their processes.

Easily save and organise all relevant customer information in a central location.

Easy access

Up-to-date data

Available anywhere

Assign leads, set reminders, and send auto-responses all while improving productivity.

Instant notifications


Reassign leads

Organise your leads, track activities, and discover problem areas.

Track sale activity

Qualify leads

Calculated action

Add leads from external platforms and

Easy integration

Clear API documentation

Track lead sources

Monitor and track your sales team’s reaction times.

Increased response rate

Maximised accountability

Faster response-time

Measure the success of your marketing campaigns and budget spent.

Informed decision-making

Effective budget use

Increased campaign success

Automatically assign and reassign leads to members of your sales team.

Automatic lead escalations

Automated lead assignment

Accountability and organisation

Easily and quickly deploy lead-capturing landing pages.

For targeted campaign management

Linked to lead sources

Deploy a landing page per lead source

Keeps you informed of any incoming leads via SMS and email.

Instant notifications

Send notifications to leads

Keep lead updated through sales process