Some of Leadtrekker’s Core Features

Leadtrekker is constantly improving and updating our services and features. Our aim is to provide the best possible experience for our clients, giving them customised tools to optimise their processes.

Centralised Information

Having access to a central location will ensure that anyone communicating with a customer will have the information they need to help the customer efficiently, and continue the relationship that has already been built. It is also possible for sales, marketing, and customer service teams to review information updated on the system and take informed action with the data that has been recorded.

Improved Productivity

Leadtrekker makes it possible for management and team leaders to view the status of a customer or lead without having to send an internal email, make a phone call, or plan a meeting. With Leadtrekker, reminders can be set to help keep sales agents organised. One can also set up auto- responses that buy busy employees some time to respond to potential leads that make contact.

Optimised Sales Management

By using a CRM system, you can track sales-related activities and act according to the data that has been recorded. The software can also be used to assess deal viability, giving your team information on how to appropriately nurture a specific lead, etc.

Widely Compatible Online CRM

Leadtrekker is an ideal solution for any business, no matter where their leads originate from. It is a solution that offers seamless integration with multiple platforms to give businesses of any size and in any industry the opportunity to organise and nurture their sales leads.

Monitor Lead Response Time

A good lead today can become a bad lead tomorrow. For accurate response-time management and maximised accountability, Leadtrekker keeps track of the time your sales team took to action a lead.

Measure Your Marketing ROI

Leadtrekker can help you make informed decisions in regards to your marketing efforts by measuring the success of your current campaigns. Providing you with the information you need to confidently yield the best results possible for your marketing budget.

Automated Lead Assignment

Using customisable criteria, leads are automatically assigned to individuals within your sales team. This allows for improved organisation, maximised , and puts an end to any sales opportunities falling through the cracks.

Lead Capturing Landing Pages

For targeted campaign management you are able to easily and quickly deploy lead capturing landing pages. These landing pages link to your lead sources; thus you can deploy a landing page per lead source.

Instant Email/SMS Notifications

Leadtrekker has instant notification capability, keeping you informed of any incoming leads via SMS and email. Leadtrekker is also able to send notifications to leads. This will typically keep the lead updated as they go through your business’s sales process.