The Free Lead Management System Guide on What, Why, and How

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What is Lead Management?

Your business depends on leads, and an effective lead management (LMS) system is essential in nurturing those potential customers who have shown an interest in your product or services without having made a purchase yet. Lead management therefore refers to the process of how these leads are captured, tracked, distributed and organised up until the point that leads are converted into customers.

What is a Lead Management System?

A lead management system, or lead management software, is a digitised solution that allows you to effectively manage your leads to increase organisation and accountability within your business. Such a system gives your team a centralised database to streamline the capturing and nurturing of leads. With this level of organisation, leads will no longer fall through the cracks.

How a Lead Management System Makes Sales Outreach a Breeze

An effective lead management system will empower your team with the opportunity to increase sales by improving the organisation of leads, streamlining the sales process and optimising accountability within the team. With an effective lead system, sales outreach becomes a breeze as each sales team member is notified when there is an incoming lead, lead assignment is automated, and the status of a lead is visible to all relevant parties.

For the sales representative, the sales process is streamlined due to the organisation of information presented by the system, as well as the notification capabilities. For sales team managers, their teams can be held more accountable, lead assignment can be automated based on predetermined criteria, and the status of leads can be viewed remotely and in real time.

The Lead Management Process: Nurturing Leads into Customers

The lead management process starts with lead capturing and ends as a converted client or lands up in a cycle known as lead nurturing. It is important to pay attention to every step in the lead management process in order to maximise conversion.

Lead Capturing

Lead information should be effectively captured and fed into a single database.

Lead Distribution

Leads should be automatically assigned to sales team individuals to ensure quick lead response times.

Lead Response

To maximise your chances of conversion, lead response times should be as quick as possible. This can be achieved through organisation, notifications, and automated lead assignment.

Lead Tracking

Track the status of your leads in order to personalise sales efforts based on the leads response.

Lead Nurturing

For leads who are not sales-ready, a LMS can allow you to keep your leads for lead nurturing.

Customer Conversion

An effective LMS will help you keep track of converting leads, making measurement of marketing ROI possible

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Benefits of Using a Lead Management System

Leadtrekker presents businesses with a range of benefits that streamline and promote sales. Some benefits of a lead management system may include the following:

Improved Productivity

Automated lead assignment and incoming lead notifications will boost the performance of any sales team. 

Improve productivity with a Lead Management System
Lead Tracking system

Measurable Results

Leadtrekker has rich reporting features that give you valuable insights into your marketing campaigns.

Quicker Response Times

Leads will be contacted quickly with improved organisation and instant notification features.

Improve lead response time
Makes sales people accountable for their leads

Increased Accountability

Measurable lead response times can show a sales team leader the time it took an individual to contact their assigned lead; improving accountability and management.

How to Manage Leads Effectively?

As seen in the “what” and “why” points above, leads can be managed effectively through a comprehensive and capable lead management system. Ensure that your lead management is packed with valuable features and functions that will improve and enhance the lead management process. A feature-rich lead management system will act as the solution you need to improve lead response times, increase accountability and action each business opportunity.


The features of Leadtrekker will give you the “specs” you need to decide on whether it is an effective tool that will add value to your sales team. You will want your lead management system to offer the following features:

Lead Management System CRM

Wide Compatibility

Your LMS should be widely compatible to support seamless integration with your website.

Marketing ROI Measurement

You won’t regret having a LMS that can also help you measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Lead Management System to measure marketing ROI
Automatic Lead Assignment

Automated Lead Assignment

With automated lead assignment, you will improve lead organisation and increase accountability.

Instant Notifications

Instant email or SMS notifications, or both, will help you to keep up with incoming leads, even while you’re on the move.

Improve Lead Conversions

A LMS Compatible with Your Business and Website

For a lead management system that offers you compatibility and all of the features mentioned above (plus more) have a look at Leadtrekker. Leadtrekker is a powerful lead management system that empowers sales teams across numerous industries to improve lead response times, increase accountability, and action each and every business opportunity.

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