3 Main Factors for Measuring Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective and creative way of building relationships with existing and potential clients, without being too invasive. Apart from the fact that you can offer free incentives to a large number of individuals with the intent of them trying out your product or service, you’re also able to share valuable marketing content to elevate your website traffic and increase your leads. However, an email marketing campaign becomes just another email if you’re unable to measure the results.

Here are four important factors to remember when measuring email marketing:

  1. Consider the click-to-open rate

The click-to-open rate indicates the number of individuals who clicked through to your website from the newsletter. Having an above-industry average means you’ve reached a whole new level of email marketing; you’re not only offering interesting content to your recipients but giving them enough incentive to open the link to continue engaging with your brand.

2. Measure the open rate

Although a high open-rate is a good indication of how well your brand and marketing campaign is doing, it’s only the first step in measuring the success of your emails. The open-rate is closely connected to the delivery and bounce rate, which gives you a clear indication of how well the subject line is doing and the type of content your audience is interested in receiving. Remember, what may work for one brand may be fatal to another.

3. Track the conversion rate of your Email Newsletter

Leadtrekker enables you to easily measure the conversion rate of your Newsletter campaigns by making use of Custom URLs. A Custom URL is a normal link which contains some additional information (also known as parameters) and is typically sent from your Newsletter through to your website when a user clicks on a Call to Action (CTA). Once the user fills in the contact form on the website, the additional information is saved on Leadtrekker, which gives you the opportunity to measure the success of your newsletter. Each parameter in your newsletter is tracked to identify the source, medium and campaign used – to maximise your success results.

You can keep track of your leads and respond within a reasonable time by cutting your response times drastically, improving your conversion rates and measuring your overall marketing ROI – compared to the traditional way of tracking leads, which tend to create pitfalls.

Consider implementing Leadtrekker for free in order to track the exact location of your incoming email marketing leads. This will ensure that you convert more leads to optimise the value of your email marketing campaigns, while giving you a clear indication of how well your email campaigns are doing.

Remember, as most recipients are mobile device users, it’s important to ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly by either using a reputable email marketing service or getting email marketing specialists to run your campaigns for you while you sit back and reap the rewards.

For more information on Leadtrekker, have a look at the benefits of Leadtrekker for your business.