4 Signs That You Are Generating Bad Leads, and How to Improve This

As an online marketer you often look at your Ads or Analytics stats thinking, “Wow, job well done!” This especially happens when your conversion rates are high or you’re hitting record number of leads coming through.

Unfortunately, this bubble bursts quite quickly when your client picks up the phone telling you that the leads they’re getting are terrible. The solution to ensuring that it’s not just the quantity of leads you’re chasing but also the quality, is simple: a proper Lead Management System.

1.The infamous job seeker

With a lead management system like Leadtrekker, you can build a custom report that exports all the job seekers by searching for leads with “job” in the form message. There will always be a few exuberant job seekers that will land on your client’s website, but majority (more than 90%) of the leads shouldn’t be part of this report.

How to fix it

If you’ve set up custom URL’s and captured the variables, you can review which campaigns are generating the employment agency level job applications, and rework your targeting methods, add negative placements and keywords to your campaigns.

2.“Please send info” leads

You may have seen these leads in your own agency, and you may know the frustration your sales’ team faces when they need to pick up the phone and call someone who vaguely indicated that they’re interested in your services, but not which of the 15 you have available.

If you had to pull a report on the sales’ conversion rate on the “Good day sir, please send me more info” leads, you would see that it is lower than those leads that ask for information on specific products.

How to fix it

“Please send info” leads are generated through poor targeting methods on Google Ads and Facebook. On Google Ads it can be due to some of your keywords having a different meaning in another industry, or it could be too broad to cater to your client’s specific needs.

Going through your Search Terms report is a good start to resolving the problem, and building a custom report will also help identify which keywords may be a poor fit.

3.Low Campaign ROI

As an online marketer, you need to know which products or services generates the most value for your customer. Generating a thousand leads for your customers who are interested in their least value adding product isn’t helpful, especially if you’re moving budget around to their best converting campaign instead of to their most valuable campaign.

How to fix it

With a lead management system that tracks each sales’ worth and the source of the lead, you’ll be able to make business driven decisions on where to move your client’s budget. In my previous article, how to improve your Google Ads’ ROI, I created a step by step guide on how to measure the ROI of a campaign with Leadtrekker.

4.Low sales’ value leads

There are very few things that frustrate a sale’s representative more than a phone call that leads to, “I can only spend X 00 on your services” when the least expensive option costs X 0000. A high conversion rate that leads to hundreds of these phone calls wastes advertising budget and time.

How to fix it

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this problem, as you’ll need to try various exclusion and qualifying techniques to prevent the wrong type of traffic from reaching your client. Some of these methods includes
-adding negative keywords related to price
-adding price extensions to your Ads campaigns
-updating your Facebook targeting, and
-changing your ad copy to better qualify your ads.

These are the 4 most common signs that you’re generating terrible leads for your clients, do you have others that you’ve found in your client’s leads? Let us know and we’ll include them in our next article with ways to improve.