Add Value to Each and Every Incoming Lead with This New Feature

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Marketing, Sales

Leadtrekker has recently introduced a new feature which aims to help businesses offer value-added assistance to each and every incoming lead, even if the lead isn’t really qualified for your service offering.

Often we find ourselves with unqualified leads or queries which we cannot offer a specific solution, service or product to. These leads are then left ignored or without assistance which may reflect poorly on your business’ quality of service. Even though a lead might not be looking for a product or service in line with your own service offering, the lead could still be valuable to someone else.

Leadtrekker has therefore added a simplified solution we like to refer to as Lead Forwarding, where the value of each and every lead could potentially be harnessed, and the business shared with an external party. An external party would typically be someone you know who is better equipped to deal with the needs of the lead.

The Lead-Forwarding Feature Explained

For every sales lead captured on Leadtrekker, there is the option of forwarding this lead on to an external affiliate. You will also be given the opportunity to add a message along with the lead details in order to further explain how the lead can be helped to the recipient, or to give special instructions to the external affiliate along with the details of the lead.

Forward a lead on Leadtrekker in these simple steps:

  • Open the lead you intend on forwarding to an external affiliate
  • Choose the option to forward the lead
  • Add the information of your intended recipient
  • Add an optional message, and send.

Your recipient will then receive the details via email on the lead you acquired along with the (optional) message or special instructions.

Empowering You to Build Relationships

With the all-new lead-forwarding feature, you are able to build relationships with external affiliates by offering them a potential client whose needs they are able to meet. By giving them sales opportunities, you are also helping your own business by opening the possibility of them sending business your way when they are unable to offer assistance to leads or existing clients themselves. Leadtrekker has therefore empowered you to build beneficial relationships and partnerships which could add immense value to your business in the long run.  

Offer Every Lead a Solution

In order to add value to your followers or webpage visitors, you need to assist them by directing them towards the solution they are looking for. Visitors to your website may be confused as to what exactly you offer and may be searching in the wrong place, these leads can then be forwarded on to external affiliates in order to have their needs fully met and have value added to their online search. By assisting them on their sales journey, your business will still remain the source of their answer, while simultaneously building a relationship with another business. Should they require further assistance in the future, the lead is also likely to come back to you for more answers which you may be able to help them with.

Discover the many other valuable features which are offered on our lead tracking system, enabling you to capture, manage and nurture sales lead efficiently so that no leads are left with zero potential.

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