Automatically Capture Info Email Queries as Leads

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Marketing, Sales

Over the past few of years it has become apparent that there are a few things expected of businesses when it comes to communicating in the digital space that is the Internet today.

One of these expectations includes having default email addresses (or email aliases) such as , and etc. These email addresses might not have the personal touch that type of email addresses have, but they can be useful in the event where certain kinds of queries have to be directed to the correct person within an organisation.

For example, when an email is sent to the query could be forwarded to an online Helpdesk Ticketing System, or to a group of individuals responsible for the support within a company.

When it comes to general queries the most common email address used by most businesses is Unfortunately, there are instances where these general inquiries fall through the cracks causing unhappy clients or even the loss of business.

Luckily, here at Leadtrekker we have recently developed a Middleware API that can automatically create leads from email sent to (or any other email address, for that matter).

How does Leadtrekker’s Middleware API work?

1. Instead of emails sent to and being forwarded to people within your organisation you will also send a copy of the originally sent email

2. The email address we provide you with ( is in effect an application (the actual Middleware API) that picks up the email and forwards it to the Leadtrekker API.

3. A lead is created on your Leadtrekker account with the email address of the sender (the person who originally sent the email to and the body of the email is created as a note on the lead in Leadtrekker.

How much does this Leadtrekker API feature cost?

Because we have already done all the groundwork of creating the Middleware API it only takes a few minutes to get you up and running which means we can supply this service at no extra charge to existing Leadtrekker clients.

How do I get started?

In order to get started, simply send us an email to and we will contact you with more information and answer any questions you might have.

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