Automatically Capture Sales Leads at Events with Leadtrekker

Having a booth and sales agents at an event is a tried and tested marketing strategy, but an alarming number of potential sales leads are lost to little mistakes and messy paperwork. With Leadtrekker’s lead management integration you can make sure to automatically capture sales leads directly from your event booth.

1. No messy paperwork

One of the biggest issues with data capturing at events like expos is the fact that it is disconnected from your databases. Especially in the case of paper forms, the pages get mixed up, blown away in the wind, lost in boxes, and generally just misplaced and/or damaged. All of this equals lost leads, and therefore wasted time and money.

Leadtrekker’s built-in landing pages module bypasses these dangers by allowing you to link directly to your database with a tablet or any other mobile device that supports a modern browser. Each enabled landing page (per source) can then be reported on to not only pinpoint exactly where your leads generate from but also what the exact ROI and conversion rates are of these sales leads.

2. Easy to use

Your sales agents and leads will have no difficulties making use of Leadtrekker. The tablet will be linked directly to the landing page, so your agents can simply hand it to your sales leads and allow them to quickly type in their details. Sales leads with QR scanners on their phones can simply scan the QR code and go to the landing page on their own phone, which allows them to either fill in the form right away or save the page for later. For those who might be somewhat sceptical, simply give them the link so they can sign up later after doing their homework on your business.

3. Instant gratification

As soon as the customer’s information has been logged they will (optionally) automatically receive an SMS notification to thank them for showing an interest in your service or product. They know right away that they are valued and properly logged on your system, which also makes your business look more professional and credible. You can also set it to let them know exactly who will be contacting them and in what sort of time frame, generating a well-organised and impressive image.

Along with the SMS notification your sales leads will also receive an email. As an added benefit here you can have brochures regarding your product or service and/or important forms automatically attached to this email, so your leads will have all the necessary information right away. This increases the efficacy of the email in nurturing leads, as well as making future communication with your leads easier for you because you should have less to explain.

4. Easily manageable admin options

There’s no need to worry about admin and deciding who needs to follow up with which sales leads either. Once the system has automatically captured your sales leads from the event you can have it pre-set to assign everything to a particular sales agent, or you can enable the round robin setting.

With the round robin setting the work load is automatically shared and assigned between the relevant sales agents, ensuring that nobody gets bogged down under too much work.

The advantages of being able to automatically capture sales leads are pronounced. All you need to do is show up at the event with your tablet and Leadtrekker will do the rest. Give us a try!