Benefits of Being a Leadtrekker Partner

One of the most important lessons I have learned over the past few years as a business owner is that you can’t go wrong if you focus on passive income.

Leadtrekker isn’t only a great lead management system, but also an ideal platform for its partners to earn passive income.

Leadtrekker’s partner program empowers its partners for up to 50% rebate on licenses sold under each partner account.

If for example, a partner has a total of 100 licenses linked to his account, he will earn a total of R9 450 per month for doing nothing more than invoicing his clients.

The table below outlines the three brackets in which we categorize our partners:

@ R189
1 – 50 30% R 2 551.50


(45 licenses)

51 – 100 40% R 6 048.00


(80 licenses)

100 + 50% R 9 450.00


(100 licenses)

Apart from the financial benefit of becoming a Leadtrekker partner, the Leadtrekker partner program also boasts a lot more benefits. For example:

The ability to measure your client’s marketing ROI

We have found that marketing agencies really struggle to measure the return on investment of their clients’ expenses on digital marketing campaigns such as Facebook marketing, Google Ads etc.

Leadtrekker’s Custom Field feature makes it easy for clients and agencies to report on the total leads generated from any marketing campaign whether it is newsletters, mass mail, Facebook, Google Ads etc.

Seamless website integration

Many companies that spend money on digital marketing struggle to harness the full power of their efforts because their leads tend to fall through the cracks. This often causes tension between the marketing agencies who generate the leads and the clients who receive those leads, purely based on the fact that the client doesn’t have a systemised method to nurture and measure those leads.

Once Leadtrekker has been integrated into a client’s website the partner can be rest assured that all leads will be accounted for and in the event that a client wants to dispute his lead acquisition, it’s very simple to justify the client’s investment in his online marketing.

Automated lead alerts

One of the other benefits of being a Leadtrekker partner comes in the form of automated lead alerts. Leadtrekker can send out automated alerts to a partner when a client has not received any new leads in a certain amount of days.

This empowers partners to have a more pro-active approach when it comes to ensuring that a client’s Google Ads campaigns are functioning at optimum efficiency.

Client management made easy

Leadtrekker features a powerful, easy to use, admin backend used by our partners to manage their clients. The admin backend has automated billing reports which detail the invoices to be generated every month to partner clients.

Partners can also expect to gather powerful insights into the health of their partner account such as the total value of all their licensed users and being able to track their Leadtrekker license sales through the month.

As an added benefit to our partners, we also grant access to some marketing material that will assist in the sales of Leadtrekker.


Being a partner of this great lead management system won’t only empower a marketing agency’s service offering, but will also become a very valuable passive income revenue stream.

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