Capture Lead Sources To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Marketing

A lead management system is in place for you to cash in on all potential business leads. And when it comes to generating leads this is usually done via a singular channel: marketing. A lot of money, many hours and incredible effort go into marketing to benefit business.

Marketing to capture leads

Marketing exists to attract business. Business depends on leads. And successful business is the result of following up on said leads. But how do marketing and lead management work together? Like this: marketing is responsible for bringing in the leads. Without marketing, leads would be few to none.

The fisherman and the bell

Here’s an analogy. A man is sitting on a boat in the sea trying to catch fish using several rods. The fish are the customers and the bait that the fisherman is using is the marketing. Let’s say this particular fisherman is a bright spark. He has attached a bell to each rod so that he knows when he has a bite. Think of Leadtrekker as this ingenious bell. The fisherman can navigate the seas, keep an eye on his fishing rods and bait hooks.

Still, this is a lot for one fisherman to handle and it is easy to waste bait and just so, lose fish. However, the bell ensures this doesn’t happen! The fish are why he is there in the first place so the bell supports his purpose. As soon as the fish bites the fisherman knows which line to reel in.

Marketing efforts and capturing lead sources

To extend the analogy a bit, if the fisherman wants to have a successful fishing trip every time he needs to identify where the fish are coming from. This way he can determine what bait to use and where to throw it for the best catch.

By tracking which of your marketing efforts are most effective, and where they are attracting the most interest, you can continue to target these areas to ensure successful business outcomes. If you can trace the fish to its cove, catches will always be plentiful.

When you use effective marketing strategies and target the right audience, your efforts will yield a successful return. Just so if you use effective marketing on the right audience you will generate leads.

Be saved by the Leadtrekker bell to avoid ever missing a lead again. Leadtrekker will continuously monitor lead progress until each lead has been taken care of – until the fish is in your grasp. Plus if the fisherman can’t handle this catch, the next fisherman will take over the rod.

Don’t waste your bait (marketing efforts) and reel in every catch (follow up on every lead).

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