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by | Jan 12, 2017 | Marketing, Sales

One of Leadtrekker’s core features is its ability to integrate with just about any website or system out there. Leadtrekker boasts two simple, yet very powerful, APIs (API: Application Programming Interface) which enable developers to submit lead information into the system from where it then flows into the business’ sales procedures.

When we developed these APIs we tried to write them to be as easy as possible to implement, but most importantly, flexible enough in their application that it can be integrated with many other available systems.

Just like our API, this article will be explained as simply as possible, so that less technical readers understand the flow of information about how to integrate Leadtrekker into a website better.

There are two different ways to submit information to Leadtrekker.

This means that there are two different APIs that your web developer could use to get your website leads into Leadtrekker:
Email API which is used to send emails to Leadtrekker
HTTP API which is used to submit lead information using standard HTTP protocol.

For in-depth details regarding the inner workings and implementations of each protocol, you should refer to the online API documentation, as most of this information falls out of the scope of this article.

We recommend using the Email API if your website is built on a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. This makes integration with your website quick and effortless.

The HTTP API does have a bit more flexibility and should be used when developers need to do advanced information validation or value calculations before submitting information into Leadtrekker. However, in most cases, the Email API process will suffice.

Getting Help

We encourage our clients to contact us should they come across any difficulties with their website integration. We understand that not all website owners have know-how with these technical aspects of their website and therefore we will gladly assist with any questions; we can even do full system integrations for you. Contact us today for more help.

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