How Client Databases Can Boost Your Real Estate Efficiency

Keeping up with the fast-paced demands of the real estate industry can be a tough job. The fact that there are so many different clients with unique needs, in various areas, and a host of properties to offer each of them, makes it that much harder to keep track of it all. Thankfully Leadtrekker can help you make this all so much easier by building a client database with next to no extra effort.

Automatically capture leads into a single database

Success starts from the moment a lead contacts you. With Leadtrekker integrated into your website every lead generated is automatically recorded on your system, complete with all the lead’s contact details. So without you having to go through tedious paperwork or hours of data capturing, every lead’s name, telephone number and the source through which they came to you are all recorded. Just like that you’ve started building an efficient client database.

Simplify your follow-ups

Now that you have effectively started to build a contact database, contacting clients and following up with them is so much easier. By using Leadtrekker’s lead management system to keep track of your communication with clients you can keep accurate records of exactly which leads have been contacted, when, and how many times. On top of that you can also keep track of which stage of the process they fall under, from new lead all the way to a converted sale! And if you are a manager or business owner you can also use this to keep track of your sales agents to accurately assess their performance. So on top of building a contact database to keep track of leads, you can also manage and reward your sales agents far more skilfully.

Help yourself focus on quality leads

Aside from Leadtrekker’s capability to help you measure the quality of your leads, by building a client database you can help yourself keep track of which leads present possible problems. The lead in question could be a person with all the necessary financing, looking for high-value property, and so ordinarily they would count as a high-value lead. However, if that lead cannot make up his or her mind then although the lead’s value is high, its quality, in terms of the real estate business, is rather low. You don’t want to be wasting your sales agents’ time on a lead that is stringing an agent along and not realising the agent’s potential, especially when you could have focussed on and converted a variety of other ‘lower-value’ leads that would actually generate more profit for you.

You can see for yourself that building a client database has the potential to dramatically boost your real estate business’s efficiency. So get in touch and let us show you exactly what Leadtrekker can do for your real estate business today!