How Leadtrekker Can Help Refine Your Marketing Strategy

Leadtrekker gives you new insights into your sales lead management – it provides guidance as to how to use leads management as a means of strategising. This lead management tool allows you to access and use your business data in a way that will revolutionise the way you do business.

Insight into lead management

A company’s marketing strategy should encompass the brand goals rather than reflect a marketing plan. Marketing plans are in place for short term goals. Automated business insights can improve accountability as they show when users are not managing their leads effectively which may harm the marketing plan and the overall marketing strategy. With this information, you can strengthen the weak links in your business chain. Now it is possible to change your marketing efforts based on the comprehensive statistics Leadtrekker provides.

The power of data tracking

Value is added to your business with Leadtrekker’s measurement features. You can measure response times, engagement to leads and how effective your marketing campaigns are. This will allow you to adjust and realign your marketing strategy according to your findings based on the data Leadtrekker collects. Evaluate your lead sources to measure the value of the source and how much effort and money should be invested in it. These features and techniques allow for an inclusive insight which will allow you to make informed marketing decisions.

Leadtrekker’s Custom Fields feature

Leadtrekker’s Custom Fields feature simplifies the way you measure your lead sources and insights which will help you refine your marketing strategy. Custom Fields works as a value pair field. As a partner, it will help you measure your client’s leads and leads’ effectiveness in the marketing campaigns. As a user, you can see where your marketing strategy has fallen short when it comes to generating, capturing and nurturing leads effectively.

It is essential to have clear business objectives so that you adapt accordingly once you receive feedback from Leadtrekker concerning the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The data captured will allow you to refocus your business objectives if necessary and relocate the efforts based on the comprehensive reporting feature.