How Quality Leads Create Sales Conversions

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Marketing, Sales

In today’s competitive business environment, lead management systems are becoming a critical addition to digital marketing strategies. Scoring, assigning and nurturing your leads improves conversion rates and increases ROI.

Companies who do not use automated software to manage their leads effectively waste time and money because they are chasing weak leads.

How To Determine Lead Quality?

With Leadtrekker’s automatic lead assignment, every single lead is assigned to a specific salesperson, thus every lead is accounted for. Once a lead has been created and assigned to a sales person, a confidence chart determines the strength of a lead on a scale of 1 to 10, or from Cold as Ice to Burning Hot! A monetary value can also be added to a lead; this indicates to the sales person just how much value the lead is to the company. Basically, a sales person can allocate how much time they should be spending on trying to convert a lead based on how much monetary value is placed on the lead confidence.

What Is The Definition Of A Quality Lead?

Sales and marketing teams may not agree on the standards that constitute a quality lead. For example, salespeople might only pay attention to leads that are ready to buy a product or service while marketers might see any response as a conversion.

For this reason, sales and marketing need to work together to decide what constitutes a ‘good lead’. Marketing agencies will need to determine lead value for every client, based on demographics like:

  • Company size
  • Location
  • Source of the lead (which platform brought the lead in)
  • Behavioural information (like content download and website visits)

Once you have determined the criteria of a quality lead, you can determine how to allocate it to the right salespersons based on information captured when the lead was first created on Leadtrekker.

How Can Quality Leads Be Nurtured?

Once a lead has been captured on Leadtrekker, it needs to be nurtured. This involves educating qualified sales leads who are not yet ready to purchase a desired product or service and maintaining contact with the prospective buyer. You can use Leadtrekker to keep an audit trail of all interactions made with the lead to ensure that the lead has been continuously nurtured throughout the entire sales process.

One of the most powerful advantages of Leadtrekker is that it increases sales accountability. A sales person is notified as soon as a lead is assigned to them, plus, automatic lead escalations can be set up to notify a manager if a lead is not contacted within a certain time frame. This ensures that leads do not slip through the cracks.

How Can Leadtrekker Be Used Improve Sales Conversions?

As lead nurturing incorporates delivering highly valuable and relevant content to potential customers, you can extract the contact details of all the leads in your database and send newsletters to or set up remarketing campaigns to ensure that your leads are educated and aware of your products and services continuously. As Joanna Wiebe, co-founder of Copy Hackers, stated:

“Give away content that people would pay for. Don’t be stingy with the quality of content you share or the detail you provide. Give away your gold.”

This will not only educate potential customers to better understand your services, but it will also form a greater trust for your brand.

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