How to Keep Sales & Marketing Aligned

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Marketing, Sales

Are you familiar with Pareto’s 80/20 principle? Well, this principle applies to many different situations. In sales and marketing, we can typically state that 80% of sales is as a result of 20% of advertising and 80% of profits come from 20% of customers.

This begs the question: If sales and advertising clearly rely on one another, than why don’t businesses spend more time and effort aligning their sales and marketing teams? If the sales and marketing teams collaborate, business will definitely pick up leads and run smoother.

Here’re a few important rules for both the sales and marketing teams to follow:

Communicate Continuously

When both sales and marketing’s initiatives are aligned, both teams will be more effective with generating and converting leads. If sales, for instance, are aware of promotions, demos and specials that the marketing team are advertising, they can communicate this with prospective clients.

Share Valuable Lead Information

In the business world, information is a currency on its own; however, sharing it amongst departments will advantage both teams significantly. A lead management system, such as Leadtrekker, can provide a platform that both the sales and marketing team can update and add information to. This type of platform will ensure that marketing can create leads for the sales team to follow up on as well as get valuable information with regards to their marketing campaigns.

Create a Lead Nurturing Strategy

Sales and marketing teams have different ways of nurturing their customers; however, both teams need to ensure that communication is consistent throughout various methods. This will ensure that the customer does not get confused by different messages.

Create Goals

Marketing, like sales, also needs to set goals. Sales goals usually focus on the amount of money earned and leads converted within the business. Marketing goals usually focus on more intricate details, such as number of impressions gained from an advert, website visits and people who called as a result of seeing a billboard. Once goals are set, the sales team can relay how various leads were generated to the marketing team; this is especially useful for determining the effectiveness of channels that are difficult for the marketing team to track.

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