Implement an Effective Systemised Method of Lead Nurturing in Real Estate

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Sales

Using an effective systemised system as a means lead nurturing is a truly successful strategy employed by real estate agents around the world. But what if I told you that you could track sales leads to improve sales accountability. Leadtrekker can rectify the issues many commercial real estate agents find dealing with lead generation and nurturing them through the marketing funnel with its many features.

Automated Lead Assignment

You can improve sales accountability with Leadtrekker’s Automated Lead Assignment Feature. This way you embrace a popular lead nurturing method used by real estate agents: the welcome and nurture method. This is a means of nurturing a lead where you begin to nurture the moment the lead is generated. Leadtrekker supports this method by automatically assigning leads to an agent.

Instant Email/SMS Notifications

The welcome and nurture method is further assisted by Leadtrekker’s instant email and SMS notification function. Leadtrekker sends SMS and email notifications in real time to ensure both the real estate agent and lead are on the same page at all times.

Track Sales Leads

Tracking sales with Leadtrekker means that you can use the system to see what the lead’s current status is and when the last time was someone followed up on the sale. If you are working in a real estate agency the system will alert your manager to let them know you are close to losing a lead and they will have time to rectify the situation.

Using Leadtrekker for Real Estate Lead Nurturing

Leadtrekker is made to ensure you never lose a lead again. It improves sales accountability by constantly reminding and updating all parties on the current status of the lead. You can even identify your lead sources through Leadtrekker giving you insights into which of your marketing efforts are proving to be the most effective at attracting leads.

Leadtrekker’s functions serve real estate lead generation and improve sales accountability through tracking sales leads. Contact us for more information and start your free trial today!

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