Landing Page Is Now Live!

Do you have a website where you can be contacted? No? Well, that’s no longer a communication or access barrier – and you have Leadtrekker to thank!

Leadtrekker is committed to developing super cool solutions that optimise the lead management of your business.

What is Landing Page?

Landing Page is another means for automated lead assignment to take place. It is a new platform through which leads can be submitted to you, and automatically logged on Leadtrekker, even if your business does not have a website.   

How does Landing Page work?

Leadtrekker users are given the option to set up a basic contact page – a Landing Page, if you will. When it is filled out, the information is relayed directly to your Leadtrekker account. Leads which result from bulk email marketing or SMS campaigns can be directed to your Landing Page and, in turn, consolidated in your Leadtrekker account as well. 

How do I get started with Landing Page?

To get started, simply log into your Leadtrekker account and select Modules >> Landing Pages from the main navigation bar.

There’s even more to look forward to! This incredible new module is still in the early stage of development and we intend to add more features such as customisable colour schemes, company contact information and much more.

Thank you for using Leadtrekker.