Leadtrekker is Launching Two New Features

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Sales

We strongly believe in taking heed to our clients’ call, which is why we have developed two new useful features to our lead management system. We are now launching Automated Business Insights and Advanced Escalations with an informative webinar on Thursday, 1 December, 11 am.

What Automated Business Insights Means for Your Business

Receiving insights are essential for innovation and transformation in the fast-paced modern business environment. Our automated business insights will improve accountability by showing which users are not managing leads effectively.

By receiving insights, you can also change your marketing efforts based on statistics. For example, by evaluating the sources of your leads, you can use this information to measure the value of the source and the relevance thereof to see where you should invest more money and effort.

What Advanced Escalations Means for Your Business

Advanced escalations allow users to implement dynamic and flexible rules for lead escalation depending on various scenarios. By setting up multiple tiers, you can manage, for example, which leads are important and which leads are not, based on your specific rules.

Register now for our webinar to receive first-hand information about our brand new features.

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