Maximising ROI With Leadtrekker’s Proactive Tools

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Working in a digital marketing agency, sales department, inbound marketing agency, or any business that focuses on lead generation can be a challenging task. Not only do you have to generate leads and convert them into actual sales, but you also need to ensure that your team is working efficiently. One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is how to maximise ROI (Return On Investment) when it comes to lead generation. Leadtrekker, a lead management and CRM software solution offers various features to help businesses achieve their ROI goals. In this article, we will discuss how Leadtrekker’s proactive tools can benefit you.

Leadtrekker Tools For Better Return On Investment

Leadtrekker has various tools you and your team can use to improve your ROI. Some of the tools include the following:

Automatic Lead Alerts

Through this tool, Leadtrekker sends the team’s account managers an email to inform them of whether or not there were any leads created for the day. As an account manager, this feature enables you to follow up on leads as soon as they come in, reducing response time and increasing your chances of converting them into actual sales.

This tool also allows the account manager to investigate the lead’s source to understand which marketing efforts are driving the most leads, allowing them to focus on those specific channels and improve ROI.

A good process to follow to investigate a lead requires the account manager to:

  • check all website contact forms
  • check website loading speed on mobile & desktop
  • check all PPC campaigns and their budgets
  • check lead management integration

Conversion Tracking & Cost Per Conversion

Tracking lead conversion is not at all difficult, but knowing what each lead is worth in monetary terms is crucial for the team and the client. This allows them the opportunity to define their campaign to one that creates quality leads with actual sales and cost per sale.

Leadtrekker’s custom URL tracking can provide rich information to help you optimise your lead generation campaigns effectively.

The information Leadtrekker gives you includes:

  • campaign name
  • Ad group
  • keyword
  • social media ad
  • specific image
  • link on a newsletter

Email & Lead Management Issues

One of the most frustrating things a digital marketing agency or sales department faces is when a client’s lead ends up in the trash/junk email folder. Leadtekker provides SMS and email notifications with an interactive dashboard that informs you about the status of every lead. This improves lead management, response time and conversions into actual sales.

The Benefits Of Using Leadtrekker To Measure Your ROI

Any marketing strategy works more effectively with a quality lead management and CRM system by its side. This is mainly because, without a system that can track and measure leads created by various platforms (digital, word of mouth, telephonically, etc), you cannot measure your ROI accurately.

Leadtrekker is a powerful lead management system that enables you to improve the way you manage your leads, thereby ensuring that the money you invest in marketing campaigns is optimised.

Here are the benefits of using Leadtrekker to measure your ROI:

Increased Accountability

There is a popular saying, “Time is of the essence“, and when it comes to sales, this is especially true. Most leads are lost due to a lack of follow-up or delayed response time.

Leadtrekker’s proactive features ensure that no lead is left behind, as they provide automatic real-time notifications via SMS and email to keep you updated about the status of your leads. This allows for increased accountability and improved conversion rates.

Explicit & Implicit Data Measurement

Effective marketing consists of explicit, implicit and democratic information. Without this valuable information, you cannot determine whether or not the investment brings in substantial ROI. With Leadtrekker, you have one platform that integrates into various other platforms, giving you the ability to track and filter leads as they come in. This means that you’ll have access to all the necessary information needed to measure your ROI accurately.

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This data not only helps you track leads but it also provides valuable insights into the behaviour and preferences of your potential customers. Be proactive today, and speak to us for a free demo! You’ll quickly find out just how Leadtrekker tools provide a better return on investment!

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