Secure Your Leads with Improved Lead Management

The largest difference between great and mediocre sales teams is their means of lead management. In the business world, the truly successful masters of business are using tools such as Leadtrekker’s lead management system to automatically capture sales leads and turn them into loyal clients.

Start at the beginning

Too often businesses get caught in the trap of chasing after the sale, forgetting all about the leads that started the process. In these cases businesses are chasing valuable goals, but because of the poor sales lead accountability involved here, they are stopping themselves from actually reaching their goals. However, Leadtrekker’s lead management system can help you to drastically improve your sales leads accountability without needing to completely rework your business model. The key to unlocking this improved accountability is to automatically capture sales leads.

The benefits of automatically capturing sales leads

The sales process doesn’t start with a sale, especially for large corporate businesses, but rather with a lead who is interested in what your business has to offer. With Leadtrekker’s lead management system integrated into your website you will be notified the moment a lead has been generated. Also, your leads will automatically be notified that you are aware of them via SMS and email, and you can even include all necessary brochures and forms as attachments in the email. Now you have automatically captured sales leads and actively started following up on the leads – you need not take time out of your work schedule to manually perform these tasks.

Another benefit of automatically capturing leads is that you can set your lead management system to automatically assign leads to certain sales agents. Whether you want leads assigned in a randomised round-robin fashion, or specifically by source, with Leadtrekker you can set the system to suit your exact preference.

Vastly improve sales lead accountability

On top of automatically capturing sales leads, Leadtrekker’s lead management system will also automatically keep track of the progress being made on all leads. After generating and acquiring the lead, but before finalising the process with a sale, make sure that your sales agents are effectively following up on leads; drawing leads in is the link that brings it all together, so start where it counts and remain nurturing towards your leads during the entire process.

Where your lead management system is keeping track of which leads are being left too long without being contacted, or which ones are taking too long to convert, your team’s sales lead accountability will rise dramatically. Each team member will have a clear record of where they are falling short and hence an indication of where they need to improve, and you will be able to help them thanks to the automatic notifications. In this way you will be able to improve all aspects of your lead management process, from generating more leads all the way to polished follow-ups and increased conversions. Now that is good business!

Contact Leadtrekker today to find out from dedicated lead management professionals just how this system can boost your business’s success. You can even test it out for yourself with our free trial. So don’t wait – glean success right now!