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The Best Lead Management Software Solution for ANY Professional Practice

Professional practices, such as law firms, doctors’ offices, and accounting service providers, are always looking for ways to improve the customer service experience they offer. Now, you may be wondering just how a lead management system like Leadtrekker is able to help them to achieve this.

The variety of invaluable features available on Leadtrekker empowers any professional practitioner with organised efficiency and improved experience. Our professional clients, including specialist doctors, esteemed lawyers and financial experts, confirm that the following features of Leadtrekker has provided them with a variety of ongoing benefits.

So, what are the features that make Leadtrekker the best lead management software solution for any professional practice?

Automated Response

The number one feature for our professional clients that has been mentioned numerous times is the automated response feature. Professional service providers will often get a lot of queries coming from their website during peak hours, this means that there is often a delay between when the query was submitted and when these leads are contacted. With Leadtrekker, users are able to set up automatic responses via email or SMS which informs potential clients immediately after their submission that their query has been received and that they will be contacted shortly. This feature drastically improves customer service and leads are more likely to be patient and not feel ignored.

Instant Notifications

The next feature that provides immense value to any professional is Leadtrekker’s instant notification capability. This desirable feature keeps users informed of any incoming leads via SMS and email, in real time, to empower professionals and business owners to keep track of their leads, even while on the go. These notifications allow you to remain accountable with set reminders that can remind you when a lead has not been contacted within a certain timeframe, preventing lead leakage. This boosts customer service by improving response time and maximising accountability.

Marketing Insights

The final feature mentioned by our satisfied clients is the fact that Leadtrekker gives them valuable, game changing insight into their marketing campaigns. With Leadtrekker, users can pull detailed reports which enable them to pinpoint marketing campaign successes in order to make informed business decisions. Leadtrekker can give you information into where the lead came from so that you know what’s working for your business.

Still not convinced that Leadtrekker is the best lead management software solution for your practice? A free trial should fix that right up!