The Sales Process in a CRM and How It Benefits a Business

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Sales

Without an effective sales team, a company will not have the revenue it needs to survive and succeed. One of the key elements to a sales team functioning effectively is implementing a great sales process.

In this article, we will discuss the sales process in a CRM and how this can positively affect your sales team and your ROI.

What is a Sales Process?

A sales process is a system that has been designed specifically to nurture leads. This process typically consists of a list of steps that can be repeated with every lead to give the best chance of successfully converting a lead into a sale. This process is typically developed over a long period of time and each step is thoroughly tested and refined to achieve the best result.

A Dynamic CRM Sales Process

As a sales process is key to tracking where a sale went wrong and improving upon those weak points, it is important that a sales process isn’t disorganised. A CRM can assist you to create a dynamic sales process that is organised and therefore easy to track. A CRM can assist in all the steps of a sales process and streamline these steps.

  • Prospecting: A CRM works together with your digital marketing strategy by automatically capturing all leads in a centralised location. These leads have already shown interest in your product or service, making it an easier sale.
  • Qualifying: To make the salesperson’s job easier, a CRM can also qualify your leads, determining which leads have a higher likelihood of converting into a sale. It then organises the leads from most to least likely.
  • Responding: A CRM will automatically distribute leads to the relevant salesperson. If a lead hasn’t been responded to in a timely manner it will send another notification or reminder. If the lead hasn’t been responded to again it can also reassign the lead to another salesperson. This assures that no lead is ever lost in the crowd.
  • Quoting: A CRM can assist in the quoting process, making it easier and faster to send out quotes on request. This increase in efficiency and response time is sure to leave a good impression on a prospective customer.
  • Closing: If the lead turns into a client, the next steps can be taken to assign them to prospective departments, ensuring they receive efficient and effective service from the company.
  • Nurturing: The sales process doesn’t stop once a sale has been made. Nurturing a client is an important aspect of retaining the client. It is also easier to upsell to a current client than to recruit a new one. Therefore a CRM is an important part of making continual sales and increasing revenue.

Leadtrekker is Making Sales Process Management Easier

Leadtrekker is a CRM that has specifically been designed to assist sales personnel and marketing agencies. Its purpose is to ensure that you can track where your leads are coming from, which campaigns and marketing strategies are performing well, and assist salespeople in making sales easier and more organised.

The best way for you to see how Leadtrekker can assist your sales and marketing teams is to contact us or try Leadtrekker for free!

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