Three Things You Didn’t Know About Leadtrekker

Leadtrekker is a lead management system that streamlines the way agencies and businesses perform when it comes to converting leads to sales. It sports multiple features geared to improve the lead management process and provides ways to interact with leads once they have been generated.

This lead management system even boasts with automatic lead capturing alerting you of leads as soon as they request you to contact them. But did you know Leadtrekker has three brand-spanking-new features to enhance the way you do business?

Leadtrekker’s new features:

1.Round-robin Lead Assignment

This feature is ideal for the even distribution of leads among sales agents or franchise holders and is easily configured from the Sources configuration section within Leadtrekker.

The round-robin lead assignment ensures that no one sales representative is overwhelmed and all leads are evenly distributed amongst them. With the equal distribution algorithm you don’t need to worry about drowning any one employee with too many leads to follow up on. This guarantees leads are dealt with and nurtured in a timely fashion.

2.White Labelling

The ability to customise email correspondence using your own details and logo is now possible with Leadtrekker. It allows you to establish your own brand among clients and customers. Personalise the way you use Leadtrekker to suit your needs and the needs of your clients.

This allows you to focus on your own branding while Leadtrekker provides you with the lead management capabilities you need to boost your business. Now you can save time and money while you get down to converting leads into business.

3.Lead Status Auto Replies

Changes of lead statuses can be set to trigger automatic email and/or SMS communications and even send email attachments along in the email messages. This recently added feature allows users to send personalised auto responses to leads as a means of communicating that their query has been handed over to a specific sales agent who will be in contact with them.

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