What are Pointless Leads & How can you Improve Lead Quality

Finally, your phone is ringing and your mail box is filling up with hopeful business! Your marketing strategy is showing positive results. However, take a closer look at the leads flooding in. Are they going to convert into actual sales, or are they pointless?

So, what constitutes a pointless lead?

  • They aren’t a decision maker in their company
  • They don’t need the product or service you are offering
  • They can’t afford the product or service you are offering
  • They are not engaging with your content and information
  • They are providing fake contact information on your website contact forms
  • The company they are a part of is either too big or too small for the product of service you are offering

How do you improve your lead quality?

Find out where all your quality leads originate from.

Not only will knowing where your leads come from ensure that you don’t miss any leads, it will also enable you to know if your marketing methods are actually working, and so invest more money into those successful campaigns. For example, you may want to put more money into Facebook marketing if a lot of quality leads found your website by clicking on your Facebook ads.

Educate your sales and marketing teams on what constitutes a quality lead.

If your marketing team knows the correct target audience for the product or service you are selling, they can steer specific campaigns to ensure the right target audiences are reached. The same principle relates to the sales team. They need to know exactly which leads to spend their time and energy on to maximise ROI.

Assign leads to the right salespeople.

How does the average user search for a service? If they search for a service on Google, they will most likely fill in multiple contact forms and wait for the different service providers to contact them. If you do not assign your leads to the right sales people so that they can contact the leads ASAP, you will lose valuable sales opportunities.

A lead management system can ensure that all your leads are assigned to a salesperson and followed up to prevent valuable leads from falling through the cracks.

Constantly make use of gathered data.

Gathering valuable data will ensure that you make calculated decisions when it comes to sales and marketing.

For online marketing, you can use Google Analytics to see data with regards to keywords, landing pages and goal completions. For sales, you can use Leadtrekker to look at the success rate of converted leads and analyze the steps taken to convert these leads.

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