What is a Lead Report?

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Sales

A lead report is a summarised overview of your collected data over a chosen period of time and can be used to analyse where your leads are in the sales process.

Lead reports are offered by a quality lead management system. A lead management system offer users a systematic process solution in which incoming leads are automatically captured. The information collected can be customised according to the needs of the company who makes use of the program. In the case of Leadtrekker, this information is stored in one convenient place which can be accessed by account holders and those with the required permissions.

From this collected data, you can then begin the lead nurturing process, and using your captured data, as well as Leadtrekker’s custom status tabs to keep up with where the lead is in the leads lifecycle, and what the next action is per lead.

How Do I Run A Lead Report?

With Leadtrekker, you can generate a detailed lead report. You have the option of generating the standard report, or you can implement custom reporting, depending on the information you require for your business. The following are steps you take to generate lead reporting on Leadtrekker:

  • Login to your account (if you don’t yet have an account, book a demo to see how Leadtrekker can improve your business processes)
  • Click on the Reports tab
  • This will open up a Report Criteria page (below)
  • You can pick any date range that you need to view, and have the option of seeing all of the leads generated by all users, or pick a specific user to see their leads generated in that period
  • You would specify the user in the Assigned User tab
  • To see which specific source you lead was captured from, you can pick one in the Source tab. To view all sources, you can leave this tab as is
  • You can also see specific statuses, for example, if you want to view how many leads were set to “Won” (or in whichever way you customised your statuses). Alternatively, you can view all statuses
  • Should you have custom fields, you can include those as well and view the information that you need
  • Your report will be generated on the Leadtrekker platform, but can be exported as a .txt, .xls, or .csv file to be further customised.

What Can You Do with Lead Report Data?

In order to get the most out of your data you need to have a specific set of questions in mind, and then use the data practically to answer it. For example, you can ask how many leads you received in a certain time frame, leave the fields blank and see the overall amount. This is a general overview. If you want to further target the answers, you can do the following:

  • Who was the person to close most of the leads in this timeframe? You can then sort by user and status.
  • Which source (or marketing campaign) brought in the most leads so we can focus on this in future? You can then sort by source.
  • How many leads did we win in this timeframe? You can then sort by the “won” status.

The possibilities are endless if you are searching for a specific pattern in your reporting. Contact us for more information and to book a demo!

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