What is Parallel Tracking in Google Ads?

If you’re making us of Custom Track Parameters in Google Ads, Google announced the best news Google Ads agencies can hear:

They’re changing the way they process clicks with custom track parameters by sending users directly to your landing page while the click’s measurement is processed in the background.

How parallel tracking helps advertisers

In case you missed it, page load time plays a massive role in the way people engage on landing pages and the conversion rates you could expect. With this in mind, this nifty new feature was launched to increase landing page load times, which could lead to more conversions.

At the moment, advertisers can choose to opt in to parallel tracking on Search and Shopping campaigns, but as of 30 October 2018 it won’t be optional.

How parallel tracking works

From the user’s perspective, there are no more pesky redirects before the page loads:

  1. The user clicks on your ad
  2. The user sees your landing page

In the background,

  1. Google Ads’ click tracker loads
  2. The tracking URL loads
  3. If you use more than one click tracker, additional redirects may load.

What the experience looks like without parallel tracking:

  1. The user clicks on your ad
  2. Google Ads click tracker loads
  3. The tracking URL loads
  4. Possible additional tracking URLs load
  5. User sees your landing page

Where to begin

Before you begin, check with your click measurement provider if your current system is compatible with parallel tracking. If you’re using Google Ads’ custom track parameters and Leadtrekker, you only need to make changes within your Google Ads’ account.

How to enable parallel Tracking

1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.

2. In the navigation menu, click “All campaigns”.

3. In the page menu on the left, click “Settings”.

4. Click “Account Settings”.

5. Click “Tracking”.

6. Click the switch next to “Parallel tracking” to turn it on.

Happy tracking! Let us know if you’ve implemented parallel tracking and noticed better results across your campaigns.