Why Accountability Is Crucial To An Effective Sales Team

An effective sales team needs a system that allows them to define the potential clients’ expectations and be accountable for actions taken. Leadtrekker is a lead management system that optimises the way in which a sales team handles leads. Leadtrekker follows the path of a lead from when it first enters the system up until the point where the client responds “yes” or “no”. 

Tracking behaviours and their outcomes

Connecting behaviours with the outcomes is essential to the success of any sales team. Leadtrekker tracks the behaviours and outcomes of leads from their generation. With a record of this, a sales team can more effectively strategise on how to approach leads in the future, and see where they have fallen short in the past.

Leadtrekker takes the place of a sales accountability plan

Instead of wasting time trying to figure out if the salesperson handled the lead, and the potential client, correctly you can use Leadtrekker to track the actions of your whole sales team. The leads software is constantly updated with information on incoming leads, how soon the lead was contacted, whether the sales person responsible followed up on that lead, and whether the lead was converted.

Leadtrekker saves you time as you no longer have to follow up with your sales team – now you can simply check the system to see what leads have come in as well as which were converted and which were neglected.

Accountability is not a blame game

Leadtrekker takes out the need for the micromanaging of a sales team. Micromanaging hinders productivity and can cause tension between the team and their manager. Leadtrekker is a sales lead management system that lets each team member know what leads they are responsible for, and in turn what they will be held accountable for. The idea is not to be able to blame any one person for lost leads, but to see where the team, and individuals within the team, can improve.

Leadtrekker makes it very difficult to ignore leads with constant email and SMS reminders. If the lead is left unattended to Leadtrekker will escalate the lead and notify the person who is accountable for the team – letting them know a lead is going to be lost. This way the lead may be saved by someone else before it is lost completely.

With this lead management system implemented you and your sales team will be more on the ball than ever. By assigning leads to different team members you can know who is responsible for which leads and whether the lead has been followed up on or not. This way it is not only the team leader being held accountable but all of those in the team as well.

Effective communication

Leadtrekker keeps in constant communication with you, your team and the leads. This communication will enable your team to be accountable for their tasks thus increasing your lead conversion rate.

For an effective sales team that is accountable for their leads contact us.