Why Quick Lead Response is So Important

“If you respond within 5 minutes from receiving a lead your chances of turning the lead into business is increased by 80%”.  – Leadtrekker

In today’s age of instant gratification, people seek quick answers and make decisions quickly. The majority of people will visit a few websites, fill in a few contact forms, and wait for someone to respond – and the early bird almost always catches the worm. Taking two days to respond can be detrimental to your business.

According to Entrepreneur.com, the amount spent on digital media is expected to exceed the total amount spent on TV advertising by 2018. This shift to a more modern form of marketing is sending more and more people to website and landing page contact forms. The problem is, however, that most companies do not have a method of effectively handling these leads.

Here are a few statistics about lead management to help you better manage your leads.

  1. Including SMS/text messages in your response can increase your conversion rate by at least 40 percent.
  2. The average response time for an internet lead is 44 hours. Your company should be striving to improve on this.
  3. 25 percent of sales people only make two contact attempts. You need a system to track who has been contacted and when contact attempts fail and need a follow-up.

 Many companies do not even realise that leads, and sales, are falling through the cracks due to poor lead management.

To ensure that this does not happen to you make lead management and lead tracking a priority in your company.

With a great lead management system you will be able to:

  • Manage all leads on one platform.
  • Assign leads to certain sales people.
  • See who has followed up on which leads and how long it took to do so.
  • Send out automated email or SMS responses.
  • Be notified when no leads are coming through.