Automatic Sales Lead Alerts

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Sales

The minute a lead has entered your periphery, you should be acting quickly. We are living in a time where convenience and instant gratification are everything; especially with so many brands and companies to choose from. If a person is not given the acknowledgement from you that they are seeking, in their expected timeframe, they will simply move on to one of your competitors. You can’t afford to have a slow response time. This is where you can benefit from a lead capture system to assist you!

What is Lead Capture?

Gone are the days where records were spilling out of cabinets in the form of paperwork, and salespeople spent hours data capturing and trying to keep up with influxes of leads. A whopping 59% of the global population uses the internet to find information that they need. That is 4.57 billion people who are online on a daily basis. 86% of these people will fill out a webform in order to make contact with a company. This indicates that having and running a functional website with a contact form is imperative for allowing leads to make contact.

With Leadtrekker integrated into your website, every lead generated is automatically recorded on your system, complete with all the lead’s contact details. Every lead’s name, telephone number and the source through which they came to you are all recorded.

This solution is exceptional at building a database, but does it help with speedy responses? Another feature of Leadtrekker can assist with that!

Automatic Alerts

If you are running effective marketing campaigns and raking leads in by the dozen, it can be difficult to juggle them all and keep tabs on who should manage each (within your sales team). Leadtrekker allows customisable automatic notifications to come to you and your teams, providing automatic sales lead alerts via email and / or SMS so that your team is immediately aware that someone has made contact.

To improve the speed of response time and, subsequently, provide effective sales lead management, Leadtrekker will send an automated response to your lead to let them know that their interaction with your web form has been noted.

Using customisable criteria, leads are automatically assigned to individuals within your sales team. If a lead is not actioned in a specific customisable timeframe, Leadtrekker will automatically assign the lead on to the next salesperson to avoid a further delay.

Leadtrekker provides all the tools your team needs to stop leads from falling through the cracks, focus on faster response times, as well as better lead nurturing. For simpler, better quality lead management, contact the experts at Leadtrekker for a demo so that they can show you how this tool can revolutionalise your sales processes.

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